Cannot play multiple Spotify streams

  • 22 July 2023
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Multiple Spotify playing no longer possible?

I cannot play different Spotify songs in different rooms. Seems new.  i.e. be playing one song in the kitchen and a different song in the living room. Now what happens, I have one song playing in one room and if I start playing a song in another room, the first room stops playing. Sonos playing a Spotify song also stops if I listen to music using the iOS Spotify app, annoying for when I’m out of home, those at home the music stops playing on my Sonos. 

This was always the case when listening to the Spotify app on multiple devices like an iPhone and a desktop computer, however Spotify on Sonos you could always play multiple streams at once. 

Issue also happens when using Sonos app to play, not using Spotify connect with their own app. Highly frustrating. Anyone else?


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4 replies

Yes, I see that too, but I’m just using their ‘free’ (ad-based) service. If you are using their paid ‘premium’ service, then I guess you may now need the Spotify family plan (or multiple user-accounts) to play multiple streams from that music service. If that’s true, then I can only guess Spotify have changed the way things work on Sonos.

So at the moment, I can only confirm their ‘free’ service is one stream only in the Sonos App.

I do subscribe to Amazon Music and that allows multiple streams at this point in time, but not sure if that will ever change.

I also subscribe to Apple Music and that service allows multiple streams using the Sonos App too.

I have the Spotify Premium family plan. 

I have the Spotify Premium family plan. 

Perhaps try playing a different stream then from one of the family members within the Sonos App - this link explains how to switch to another family member once their account is added…

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Hi @loadbang 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I found the following in my reference material:

  • Spotify

    • Each account can only be played at a single IP address at any given time

    • Concurrent streams are allowed within the same household

As you have a single household (system) and they all have the same public IP address, you should not have seen this behaviour.

If a stream limit imposed by the service was indeed hit, then a suitable error message should be in the speaker’s play logs. I recommend you recreate the issue, submit a support diagnostic and then get in touch with our technical support team who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and what it reports.

Please note, however, that this refers to streams initiated by the Sonos app - if you are using Spotify Connect, things may behave differently.

Regarding playing Spotify on Sonos while playing Spotify on your iPhone when out of the house, I recommend adding and using a “Sonos” user to your family plan to avoid the conflict.

I hope this helps.