Audio glitches with Youtube Music via the Sonos App?

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Since the switch to Youtube Music (from Google Play Music), has anyone else noticed audio glitches periodically in the music they listen to via Youtube Music in the the Sonos App?

Every so often in a song I get a quick static glitch sound. This does not happen with other sources, like Sonos Radio or Bandcamp. 


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Thanks for the response!  I had no idea there is a lawsuit.  That’s very unfortunate!  Probably easiest to switch to Spotify for now.

However: I just found a workaround:  When I use YouTube Music on my laptop, and then I stream through my AppleTV connected Sonosbar and then Group all other Speakers with the Sonosbar I can stream without getting the Chirping sound.  Not what I should have to do, but hey… it’s somehting.



I’m also having this problem - seems to have started in the last month or so for me. Hello Sonos - what’s going on? I’m a dedicated long time user and supporter of your products. This is unacceptable particularly given the length of time this has been an issue (based on the comment dates in this thread)! I’m a beta participant - send me some software to monitor locally or something!

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Hi @bobby.batson - it doesn’t look like you’re on a Beta program currently. I’d recommend that you reach out to our Support Team via live chat or phone call, so they can take a closer look at what’s going on, and go through some live troubleshooting.

It would also help if you took a diagnostic shortly after experiencing the issue, and take a note of the confirmation number - that will help when looking in to what’s causing this :)

Hi @bobby.batson - it doesn’t look like you’re on a Beta program currently. I’d recommend that you reach out to our Support Team via live chat or phone call, so they can take a closer look at what’s going on, and go through some live troubleshooting.

It would also help if you took a diagnostic shortly after experiencing the issue, and take a note of the confirmation number - that will help when looking in to what’s causing this :)

I was previously on Beta - you are correct, I am not currently. I guess I stopped. I will call-in - the glitch happens randomly and frequently while on Youtube Music. I signed-up for Apple Music and I am not having the problem - been testing on the same songs and albums (Black Pumas). 


I'm having this problem since they forced you to switch from the Google play music app to yt music. It is driving me nuts. 

I don’t know if I just noticed, but this seems to have just started for me.  I have the skipping, and the static noise.  Any movement on this?  Guess I’ll go over to the YouTube music thread too.


This combined with the no thumbs up . . . very sub-par.  

Sonos certainly doesn’t control what aspects of the API that Google implements. It has been noted before that the implementation for Google Music was much better than what Google has done for YouTube Music. And the speculation continues to be the lawsuit between the two companies may be a reason for that. Your best bet is to complain to the folks who implemented the API, i.e. the folks at YouTube Music.

Started to get glitches on YTM like 2 weeks ago and I just found this thread. It's honestly driving me crazy. I can't believe the first messages of this thread are from like 9 months ago and that Sonos still didn't solve the problem. Like probably a couple of you guys, I have like 4k worth of Sonos speakers at home. No problems till 2 weeks ago. Same WiFi system for a couple of years now, router on every floor of the house, 2 of the speakers are even hard wired. Can't believe I must now listen to music with glitches like we're in 1998...

SONOS, it's your responsibility to adress this problem. You say you sell hi-fi speakers with the best connectivity, prove it. It shouldn't take months. Have your engineers work with Google asap. It's a shame. 

Can confirm I get glitches (increasingly it feels) on YT music too. Every other service works just fine. 9 months ago this thread started!


Yep. You can shame Google, who has poorly implemented the Sonos API, after having done  a much better job on the older Google music integration. If only Sonos had access to Google’s music servers, I bet they could fix it in a jiffy. 

Same issue here.

Thread is answered but the issue is not solved. Shame!

Same here, started a couple of weeks ago with YTM. 


Same here, really annoying glitches, chirps and micro-stutters. It’s happening on both wired and wireless speakers (play:1) as well as a playbar/sub/2xplay:1 setup. Other services not affected.

Hi. I also have the same issue

Ytm via sonos app results in frequent in glitches (loud static noise) as well as period missing a beat.

This does not happen with other streaming services as spotify.

It also doesnt glitch if i listen to ytm via the ytm app.

I have tried lower and higher quality settings in ytm. But doesnt solve the problem.

Its soo bad i cannot listen to tym vua the sonos app.

100 procent sure its not my network. Fiber 1gb up/down and mesh wifi 5 network.

The conclusions above are right. The ytm api via sonos app is not good enough



I’m having the exact same problem as everybody else… if anybody finds a solution please let us all know!

Have you followed the suggestion made by the Sonos employee Xander P in this thread?

I called support, and after going through all of the things that everybody else has mentioned above, they suggested that I keep monitoring the problem and report back to them in a week.


So yes, I followed that suggestion and it did not help resolve the issue.

Hi, I used to get one big glitch when beginning streaming a track on YM via Sonos, then things would settle down. This morning, I've had to turn the music off as I was getting 3/4 glitches per track coming out of both and individual stereo paired Play Ones. I've dropped YouTube a msg but it's a horrible listening experience. I'm now listening through Chromecast on my old stereo...not a glitch at all. 





I chatted with YTM support and had them look at this thread (google “sonos 6849831”), see the linked videos and the locked google support thread that was linked earlier. 

The person on the other side was great and really wanted to help, but they couldn’t do much.  They checked with other team members around them, no luck.  Only thing on their script was to remove and add the account.  They didn’t have an option to escalate.

If someone has more luck, please update.

I’ve got exactly the same problem. Seems to be only with YouTube Music. It’s almost like a CD skipping. I’ve moved all my sonos’s from Wifi to hard wired to see if that was causing it without any luck. 

This needs resolving as it very annoying. 

Just wanted to add that we are having the exact same problem with YouTube music and Sonos. It's rather annoying.

Hopefully, a solution can be found!

I have been having this same problem. My glitch sounds just like the recording that one of the other users posted. (Thank you for doing that!)

I have a few diagnostics to share, where I have sent them shortly after hearing the chirp.




Please advise on how I can resolve this issue. Thank you! 


Removed and readded the service and it's occurred again. Diagnostic:



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Hi @User829729 

The issue seems to be interference near the Play:3. As the Play:3 is in charge of the current group, this is affecting all your speakers. I recommend you disband the current group, then select Bedroom and group the other speakers to it. This puts the Bedroom speaker in charge of the group and should improve things.

I also recommend you identify and remove the source of interference near the Play:3 speaker - more help can be found on our reducing wireless interference page.

I hope this helps.

Hi Corry P. Thank you for these tips. I will try them out.

It does seem to be a YTM specific problem. But I will also change the speaker grouping, as well as potential interference in this living room area.

Thanks again! 

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Hi All,

Got the same problem. My steps that helped:

  • Settings->System->Network->Manage Networks->Update Network. Follow the steps.
  • While plain YTM any song, Settings->Products (your steup)->TruePlay->TruePlay tuning (tern it off and on again). You should here the difference in how the song is played when TruePlay is off and then on

Quote me if that helps. I will then try to explain why this is happening (P.S. nothing to do with YTM)