Apple Music service disappeared over night

  • 21 September 2023
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Yesterday my system was working but this morning Apple Music had disappeared as a music service in the system. Only Line-In and TuneIn are listed.


If I go to settings → Services&Voice → Add Service, all I see in the list is and TuneIn.


What is going on? Internet is working fine.


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14 replies

Same problem here!

we are using our Beam as an alarm clock too, playing music from Apple Music to wake up. Today just. Default alarm sound was played. 

i looked in the app - I was logged out, why? After login I saw no titles or playlists or last played - all gray and a label like „not available, tap to remove“. What?!

in the settings I looked if I had to add Apple Music again - but it wasn’t listed. Just and tuneIn - where is the long list of services? Where is AppleMusic? Help!?


Mine was the same but they've all just appeared again. 

Which version of the app do you have? I see that it updated to 15.8.1 today. Maybe there’s a problem with that update?

15.8 - Doesn’t appear linked to the upgrade.

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I am also experiencing this. The issue is also being reported on Downdetector ( 

I am speaking to Sonos support but they seem to be unaware of an issue. In which country or region are you located?

I am in Germany 

Same here in Denmark. My Apple Music disappeared from the app, and I had no way to add it back.

Then I power-cycled my Sonos One, and after it rebooted I went back to the app and everything reappeared as it was before!

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I managed to resolve the issue.

I previously removed and added back one of my Sonos speakers but this did not help. Reinstalling the iOS app and signing in again also did not help.

I had to switch off all my Sonos devices on my network (quite an issue as the power switches are not all easily accessible), waited a minute, and then switched them back on again. I can now access my music services again.

Oh  man thank you! Plug the power cable, put it back in, wait for the Sonos to boot. There it is! Apple Music is back. Problem solved! 

Thanks! Also resolved on my end after power cycling.


Which version of the app do you have? I see that it updated to 15.8.1 today. Maybe there’s a problem with that update?

15.8.1. I rebooted my iPhone and initially the services were still unavailable but after 2-3 minutes they reappeared. 🤷‍♂️

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Hi @rasmusb et al,

Thank you for all the reports, these have been forwarded to the relevant team and we're looking into what has caused this, but there is a cloud outage that occurred during the latest update. You can follow the progress of this on our status page.

For now, there are a few solutions that I have seen the community and our engineers suggest to bring music services back to your Sonos system, these are:

  • Checking for updates in the Sonos-app (even if you have no updates available), as this will pull a new music service catalog.
  • Rebooting any device within your Sonos system
  • Uninstalling and Re-installing the Sonos app

If you’re still unable to see any music services after trying the options above, I would suggest reaching out to our support team for further assistance, as they have the necessary tools to troubleshoot this issue with your further.

I hope this information helps!

The same, here in Spain.

Same in Belgium