App Performance, or lack of!

Close to giving up on my Sonos system and looking elsewhere for a replacement. The App is just not for purpose!! Failure in connecting to speakers, failure to respond to commands once connection achieved. Ludicrous reconnection rigmarole required every time I want to listen to music. I’ve had enough. 

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I just ran a 2 minute long check frrom my iPhone using Net Analyzer to ping the Play:5 whilst it was playing and it averaged 6.9ms, with a max of 9.4ms and min of 3.1ms.


Pinging outwards to Google gives me an average of 10ms, so i`d say I should be pretty happy with that.

The ISP Activity monitor on my UDM-Pro usually reads 3-4ms.

By the way UDM-Pro does not support STP. Yes, I know that there is an STP option in its setup, but this sets the default for downstream Ubiquiti switches. I mention this simply to prevent issues for other users who assume that UDM-PRO supports STP. If you were having storm issues, you wouldn’t have these low PING times.


An interesting update:

Was just on the phone again with Sonos support and they confirm that they have been seeing this behaviour since 2-3 weeks ago and confirm that they are investigating and working to resolve issues with the App(!).

They have been able replicate the behaviour on their own devices.


Fingers crossed for them figuring it out and coming up with a solution fairly soon.