adding new sonos to app

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So I already have play 5’s on one room 

beam sub and 2 ones for tv sound 

just brought a play 3 and 5 play 1’s from a friend 

Did a factory reset by holding the 2 buttons . So far so good the app finds them it takes me through the set up plays the hum and gives me a tick connected , but here’s the problem I can’t see them in the app on the system like my other Sonos products so I can’t assign them to a room I’ve tried turning them off and closed the app them turned everything back on and nothing no play 3 or the play ones ,only my original Sonos’s 

am I doing something wrong here ? 

thanks in advance 

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Thanks Ken I understand, 

I suppose with a 4 g router in my

 Barn which I brought these speakers for everything should be ok up there with no clashing 

I would first move all your Sonos products to run on their in-built (wireless) connection called sonosnet - to do that simply wire one Sonos device only direct to your router. I would perhaps try wiring your Beam or the left speaker from the pair of Play:5’s - You can perhaps swap that later for one of your new standalone Sonos Ones. 

Keep the wired Sonos speaker at least one metre away from your router.

Then remove the wireless credentials from the Sonos App - see this link:

Try your SonosNet channel on channel 1 for the time being. See this link:

Ensure your mobile controller device is connected to the routers 2.4Ghz WiFi network SSID and just as a temporary measure switch off the other devices you referred to as WiFi ‘Boosters’ for now.

See if that the works and that you can see your devices and are able to setup the Play:3 from factory reset (flashing green LED) then come back here and let me know if those steps worked for you.

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Well I’ve done the setting in the sky q 2.4 was selected i in selected that and left 5 on . 
plugged in the play 3 and the app found it and it plays yippee 

thanks again lot of helpful information on this thread now to go back to if any problems in the future 


happy listening