Update appearance/skin of Sonos PC program

  • 22 February 2014
  • 5 replies

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It would be a great idea to create some new, more modern, skins for the sonos controller for Windows. 
Perhaps make it user-skinnable. There's alot of great 'artists' out there who can create some great skins. 

The standard skin is just not that great.. buttons too small, the dark colour is just depressing and makes it feel so heavy.. 

The interface is actually one of the things that is interfering with my sonos experience. It may sound a bit smallish but the interface is the gateway into the sonos experience and if that is a turnoff then the whole experience will suffer.

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5 replies

Yes, I support the call for skins choices, I'm new to Sonos and  have falling eyesight and the default PC controller skin is too dark for me, would appreciate a lighter skin where I don't need to struggle  trying to make out the various controls. Android phones and tablets forget it can't see well enough to navigate them.
+1. The skin is too dark to be visible on my mac at daylight. (the glare from indirect autumn daylight in holland isnt that intense, but still enough to make this dark on dark skin hard to read
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Have been working with 5.x and I'm not a fan of the stark white background. In the "olden days" when I used WinAmp I really enjoyed the ability to change it's appearance to match my mood. Seems like Sonos could please a lot of folks by not locking us into a single set of colors and shapes. Skins along the lines of what WinAmp offered would be an awesome addition.

It should also be implemented in a way where users can create and upload skins for others to use.

This should also be available for the other controllers as well: iOS, Android, Mac.
Please give us an option to use different backgrounds and colors. The default colors for the Mac are way too dark.
I just updated app and its white! How to change on android