Tags and how does Sonos 'see' them?

  • 19 February 2017
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Really enjoying my new Sonos system.
Have been building a pc based library for jazz & classical items (~2,000 files) over many years.
I'm an Ubuntu(Linux type) user.
I've streamed all my library items to the Sonos system and have solved the genre issue by setting custom tags in the TCON (id3v2) frame.
So far so good, however some files show up in Sonos as just the file name.
I suspect that these files do not have GEOB tag values, at least that's the only difference I can see at the moment.
Setting a title or genre tag is straight forward but looking at the GEOB tag I feel I'm getting out of my depth!
I know that there are loads of posts on the subject of tags with Sonos but haven't seen anything of great relevance to my problem.
Any ideas would be welcome.

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3 replies

Other Linux users may want to comment, but you could perhaps use the Mp3tag help page as a guide for which tags to set. It's pretty much the go-to tag editor for Sonos users on Windows.
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Kid3 audio tagger and id3v2 (a command line tagging application). mp3tag seems not to have a Linux type available.
Thanks for the response
Conventional tag editors ought to deal with all the mappings (e.g. here) automatically. What are you using as editor?