sort artist albums by year not alphabetical

  • 9 January 2015
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When you browse your collection and select an artist see albums sorted alphabetically. To me this would be far more logical for these to be sorted by release year (and then alphabetically). Failing making this the default perhaps adding an option of how to sort albums (or

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5 replies

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I agree with you. My iTunes account allows me to sort alphabetically and then by Year and when I want to listen to a specific artist, rather than on random I tend to want to play the albums in sequence as there is often a progression in the style of the artist as they develop. That plus inevitably I have bought them in the order they were issued and that is the order in which the music is lodged in the deepest recesses of my memory.
Well, it seems, that there is still no option to sort the albums in the playlists by year. Or am I wrong?
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I want this too
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Please fix sort options
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My albums are all tagged with the year prefixing the title. Luckily I started that years ago due to the same problem with other music players.


[1986] Licensed To Ill
[1989] Pauls Boutique
[1992] Check Your Head
[1994] Ill Communication

I know its not technically correct for the title tag, but it does work nicely.