Sonos support for Apple Music's Lossless Audio

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Now that Apple Music has joined the “lossless club”, can we please hear from Sonos as to whether this will be supported, and, if it will be, approximately when that may occur?



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Agree with that based on new released music since Apple went  lossless. Pretty much everything is lossless. There is still some 16 but a lot of 24 Bit. I would say 44 still seems most popular rate with some higher sample rates but v little at 192. 24/44 seems most popular from what I’ve seen but a range of 16/24 and 44/48/88/96/192 lossless   So the recoding industry does seem to see some merit in higher bit rates but is more ambivalent about samole rates. I’d  say when I like the sound of a recording it is usually 24 bits but can’t distinguish higher sample rates personally. Certainly a noticeable difference when switching Apple from lossy to 14/24 -44 lossless bot not when moving from 16/24 - 44 to hires 24 -/48/88/96/192 for me personally on my hifi system. 

Any news?

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Any news?

Nope. Think I’ll switch over to a Node on my main system and go Amazon HD or Qobuz instead. Probably better than waiting for Sonos and Apple to get their act together.