Sonos CR100 Controller

  • 10 March 2017
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I have an old CR100 Remote for my Sonos. I actually have 3 of them all were Ok until one kept losing its charge and would turn off after removing it from the cradle. I have replaced the battery but can no longer connect this controller to my Sonos system. I have tried resetting it and letting the battery go flat. But still no joy. The controller does not have a mac address on the about controller screen. Any Ideas please.

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4 replies

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Hi John, if the controller is missing it's MAC address in the about section then there's a problem with its wireless card and it's likely gone bad. The best suggestions would be the power down you've tried, and a factory rest if possible. Otherwise, you could try the extremely technical and complicated maneuver of the support smack, not too hard mind you. It's possible, though unlikely, that the issue is the wireless card got slightly out of position and that could get it back in.

We don't do replacements or repairs on CR100s anymore as we haven't made them in years. Unless you can get the MAC to show up again that controller's reached the end of its life.

Best of luck!
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Hi Ryan thanks for your prompt reply. I have removed and refitted the wireless card from the unit and still have the same problem. I cannot factory reset it as I do not know how to do it, if it is not connected to the Sonos system. I have also noticed that the scroll wheel that selects the languages during the connection process does not change to a different language. I have refitted the ribbon cable to the PCB in case it got dislodged during the process of changing the battery. The centre button works but not the wheel. I have tried a soft reset by pressing the mute and music button for 5 seconds. Anything else I can do or is it the end? :?
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Sounds like it might be the end, though I'm not exactly an expert in doing hardware repairs on the CR100. We also can't give much advice on in home repairs.
And by much, I suspect he means any, likely due to an insurance company telling them not to, in case you were to electrocute yourself and try to sue them. Silly lawyers 🙂