Sonos ARC and TIDAL Atmos?

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 Hi Danny, thank you for the quick reply.

I agree with your second comment, it should be developed from Tidal-s side, and it is unlikely to be soon.

For your DD+ comment, I think it is slightly oversimplifying things.. DD+ can be with or without Atmos ( Dolby Digital Plus Atmos to be precise) and it does not require an HDMI cable. Say you download a Netflix movie with D Vision + D Atmos you can stream that from a plain NAS and get both on your compatible TV.



I assumed you were referring to the HDMI cable that connects to the Arc, not an HDMI cable connected to the TV.  I agree that you don’t need an HDMI cable to get DD+ to your TV, since internal TV apps or a NAS could deliver it.  However, you also could get TrueHD from a NAS, so you don’t actually need HDMI to TV for that either. Sonos Arc doesn’t stream DD+ or TrueHD though, it only gets it through HDMI-ARC or eARC



I guess my question .. is all TIDAL Atmos sounds are actually lossless? Because then all the DD+ argument is a mute point : )


I’ve only used the service through DD+.  I dropped my Tidal account soon after I tried out Atmos audio (wasn’t that impressed and limited selection).  Don’t know if there is a TrueHD version, but I doubt it.  From what I could tell, I don’t think Tidal is really using a pure audio only atmos track.  It looked to me that they are really just music videos (with static album art) that happened to be recorded with Atmos.  I’m not even sure you can produce an atmos audio file that is absent of any video content.  Could be wrong about that.