Setting timer to turn on.

  • 23 September 2023
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Alright so the biggest reason I went with Sonos was the ability to control the devices remotely and being able to lock other people out of changing the music. We use the devices at my Harley dealership and this is also creating a problem. There is 1 day a week where there is not an authorized user at the dealership to control the port. Well don’t turn it off or pause it right?? Well great idea but that doesn’t seem to work either. When we come in the next day and turn the amps back on the music has to be started from the app. Well on Sundays that’s a problem. I am not on the same WIFI. Is there anyway in the setting to set it up so it doesn’t stop playing or even better they turn on at a preset time and start playing the last source? When watching the demo video I was under the impression that I could monitor and play from a remote location. Any insight would be great! Other than this issue it is great! 


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4 replies

Just set a Sonos alarm for the day(s)/time(s) required to play your chosen playlists - see this support reference:

(edit: @ratty beat me to it).

The Pro version may offer some benefits for you. 

Thanks for all the help! I have set it up this way.