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  • 7 September 2012
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I would like a method to keep track of recently added music. I used to do this with my CD's. Instead of immediately filing new CD's with my existing CD's, I would leave them in a pile next to the CD player for a few weeks. The new music would get heavier play than my older CD's. I used to leave them out until I had listened to them a number of times. It would be nice to create an electronic way to do the same thing.

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67 replies

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I too would like this feature. My newer music is always higher on my listening rotation. I know that itunes keeps track of music entered in the library with the "date added" column (I believe it is not a default column in the library view). Perhaps taking advantage of the daily library update feature Sonos can keep track of this as well with its own simple tracking method?
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Hi, There are some workarounds for this functionality but it's a pain and would be much better as native functionality. Cheers Chris
Yep. It is very furstrating no to have this. I have a workaround where I add new albums to a folder on my NAS called 000 - New Music and I browse to it. HOwever having the system do something similar for me would be great. It would also be nice to be able to use the Year field data to find albums.
For me, just being able to select from my library having ordered albums by the date they were added (most recent first) would be a major step forward. I note that being able to get easy access to most recently added music is a request that first appeared quite a long time ago. May be an initial simpler solution such as this, rather than a full all singing all dancing one, might mean its more likely to actually be made available sooner.
I'm amazed that this very basic feature still hasn't been added. I purchased more Squeezebox booms, I am selling my Sonos gear and I couldn't be happier to be back with the Logitech Media Server. It offers way more flexibility with streaming bitrates, etc. It offers more features, more control, and the boom sounds better than the Play 5s in my opinion.
Everything on Sonos works fine except for one thing: recent added songs. That's a lack Sonos should be ashamed of... This really should be a basic feature, why does it take so long to implement it???
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Thanks for the suggestion guys. We'll pass it on to the team for you, but no news on the future to announce right now. We'll let you know if there's any update.
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Hi Robert, thanks for sharing the idea.
I too would like this. This is a feature I used every day on my Logitech touch. It would show me the last 20-30 albums I had added to my library. It's a great way of listening to all your new music. Without it I forget which new albums I have
This is the number one feature I use on my Logitech devices, I would really love to see it on my new Sonos setup. It's hard to remember which music was recently added, and I definitely want to listen to it.
Recently moved to Sonos from Squeezebox and know I'm going to miss a recently added list.
Same for me here, it's really frustrating to not knowing which songs have just been added... If I have a lot of music, it's because I love hearing new things everyday, and I have to know easily what is new ^^ Either be able to sort albums by date added, or showing albums added in the last [parametrable] months would be good solutions, and easy to add (you already have lists and the date you add songs to the sonos library)
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Vote for smart playlists. They will provide: -Recently added (new songs) -Last 10, 25, 50, 100 played -All songs of a particular genre-All four or five star songs -Never played songs -Top 50 played songs -etc
I agree, surely this is a very simple thing to integrate as the data is already there.

This is the only thing that drives me nuts about the Sonos, every other part is nailed on but this really grates with me.

I have 4 hours or so on a Sunday in which to listen to new music, but I end up listening to it at my desk as I have no way of knowing what is new once I'm downstairs.

Please sort it!

Yes! Please add this future!
oh yes it is an essential duties, function!
I of agreement, why is they do spend time as much has to implement it?
The application “DS Audio” for my NAS synology has this duties, function and it is really practical….

Let us cross the fingers!
Hello Sonos? Anybody out there listening to this issue? It's basically just displaying files' metadata - how hard can it be?
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Come on Sonos sort smart playlists out. And whilst you are at it add the year to the albums/songs so you can view in date order. Such simple features. There are a lot of crowd funding speakers on the way, if the right features are implemented that's it with my Sonos system, they don't seem to listen to their customers at all. 3 years ago this was suggested and its a basic feature.
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id just like to add my voice to other on this thread that a 'recently added' tab would be very useful. like many others, i play particular attention to music ive recently got my hands on and it would be great to be able to short cut to items added within 1 day/1 week/1 month.
Comeon Sonos hurry-up adding this feature!
You think you are already there? Looks like you can't pull it off!

Sorry for being sacastic. But think about it more than 2 years ago this was requested and even akknowledged that it would be a good improvement.

Just do it!
+1 for this feature. There's a recently added item in the playlists part of Apple Music, but it's appears to only be recently added playlists ...
Bump. The feature I'd most like to see from Sonos, right here. Sonos, you listening?
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So you come here with your first post to promote a competitor. :8 Good for you!
This feels like such a basic requirement, I can't really believe that it has yet to be implemented still.

'Hi, we do not comment on the future roadmap of Sonos but would be happy to forward your request to have the songs in a playlist placed in order of the most recent to our product development team to review and consider your request.'

That's the best you can do? From looking at the forums this was your response several years ago...

'We can pass along the request to our team in hopes to have the songs in a playlist placed in order of the most recent songs. We recommend commenting on the Sonos Community thread with your request for more visibility. We appreciate your patience.'

Still hoping one day this gets added. Literally the one thing people have always wanted from the start.