Not able to use equipment because my phone is no longer supported

  • 30 March 2024
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I use a perfectly serviceable Apple 5 phone and refuse to change it. Now I cannot configure my large collection of Sonos products because Sonos no longer support this devise.

I get that is the case but come on Sonos why are you switching off functionality to old systems??

I used to highly recommend Sonos but I’m not so inspired now. 

4 replies

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Not even Apple has supported the iPhone 5 for years. Why should Sonos? And, by the way, no safety updates means it has already or will become a liability. 

Thanks for your reply and I understand your point. However, the safety issues I have with my phone are my business. I still don’t understand why functionality has to taken away from me for my Sonos system just because I don’t have the latest icon of a phone.

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Go get SonoPhone from the App Store, that should work on ancient phones.

From time to time Apple forces 3rd parties, such as SONOS, to make changes in Apps, else the App will be dropped from the AppStore. In some cases these mandatory changes will not run on older iPhones. The 3rd parties are in a difficult position -- abandon older users or give up acquiring new users. A business model of buy once, free support forever, does not work well if new users cannot be acquired.