New App: Is it really an official Sonos app?

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I am trying to install the new app.  It won’t install correctly and requires several reboots of my iOS devices to open. Even then it has completely screwed up my home audio system. 

It constantly gives incorrect “cannot connect” messages.  It won’t recognize my Sonos products.  It won’t recognize my third-party music apps.  The search function is defective.  When I finally got some music to play, it defaults to blasting music from my back patio speakers only.  When I change to indoor speakers only, it plays different songs out of different speakers.  Then some of the speakers disconnect.  Then all of the speakers disconnect, and, at the same time, it reverts to blasting music out of the backyard speaker. 

Are we sure that this is an official Sonos app?  It feels like some sort of joke or maybe malware?

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Yes unfortunately, it is the official app, although it seems that 14 years olds on work experience actually developed it.

If you decide to peruse the forums, it will be full of threads discussing how appallingly bad it is.

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You can file complaints with the FTC at FTC.Gov.