Need possibility of adding delay in addition to the normal 70ms

  • 25 September 2012
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Hi, I'm very excited about Sonos, and recently upgraded AV Receivers to be able to seamlessly switch inputs from CD/DVD/Phono/Sonos while using the Autoplay function in Sonos. Fantastic idea, (and very surprised not everyone's doing this), BUT I find that my system is no longer in sync (the Sonos P3's and P5 are ahead of the sound coming through the Connect via Hifi). I did not have this issue with the lower end Denon 1911, but I do now with the 3313. I can add delay with the 3313, but that doesn't help me since it's the other Sonos modules that are ahead of the Denon. Adding the possibility of adding delay (in addition to the required 70ms for processing) would make my system whole again.

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167 replies

I know you are aware that when connecting a Sonos Connect to an external receiver, there is processing of the signal at the receiver level. This of course leads to a delay between the output of the connect to the output of the signal to speakers attached to receiver. Which is fine when playing by itself. When grouped with a sonos 3 it causes a sync issue. I know it's not your fault, it's the receiver processing creating a delay. Do you have any plans to help us audiophiles? A delay setting to the sonos 3 or 5 would be a much welcomed feature.
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Whole hartedly agree that a delay feature is a must have. Come on Sonos! Your product is fantastic, however, when used with high end equipment like an AV receiver this is a feature that surely many people are crying out for?. I personally had no problems until I bought a decent yamaha av receiver and now I cannot use sonos in my living room due to the delay. Having the ability to control delay by zones/sonos controller would enable me to introduce a delay everywhere else but on the sonos connect which is connected into my amp.
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as many others report, when connecting the Sonos system through a modern A/V receiver (late 2012 Yamaha in my case) and listening to music both from the Receiver (via Sonos Connect) and from Sonos Players (typical "party" setup) there is a very significant delay coming from the speakers connected to the A/V receiver, which is caused by the processing happening in the receiver.
Without a simple delay compensation setting in the Sonos app the music is not in sync anymore, unless you listen to the speakers connected to the A/V reciever in "pure direct" modes and the likes, which means that usually you then listen to only 2 speakers out of maybe 7 which are connected to the system. Not good.
Net, WE NEED A DELAY COMPENSATION OPTION IN THE SONOS APP: MUSIC IS OUT OF SYNC WHEN PLAYED OUT TO AN A/V RECEIVER AND ONE OR MORE ZONE PLAYERS!! This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Delay compensation feature needed.
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Hello, Thank you all for the comments. This request has been passed on to our Product Development team for review.
thank you for responding Sonos. As an audiophile, I like your products but I love my B&W speakers. I had to return my Sonos 5, and connect. I kept one 3. Please let us know when you add this feature, so we can enjoy your great products even more!
thank you for responding Sonos. As an audiophile, I like your products but I love my B&W speakers. I had to return my Sonos 5, and connect. I kept one 3. Please let us know when you add this feature, so we can enjoy your great products even more!
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I must say that I'm quite concerned with my Sonos setup after buying the new Yamaha receiver RX-A1020. I have exactly the same problem as described above. The Yamaha is able to delay the sound some milliseconds but just as stated above the problem are that the Play 5 are ahead of the sound from my Connect played through the receiver. I really hope Sonos will supply with a solution very soon as I right now has paused investment of further planned Sonos products as I must have music in sync. If I understand correct the problems is related to every high end receiver out there who is processing the sound in any way from the Sonos Connect so therefore it seems to be a quite serious problem for Sonos multiroom solutions. Sad as I really loved my Sonos until this problem occurred.
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Please add me to the list of those looking for this delay feature being added. If I group my connect (Bose system off of this) and my Play 5's I get a slight echo.
+1 crucial functionality
Don't let the boilerplate "this has been forwarded to development teams" get your hopes up. Look at the discussion forums. This was reported years ago but hasn't changed so it is either something they consider a non-priority or is something they can't change due to hardware limitations.
+ 1 for this feature add. The plan for my whole home audio was thwarted by this. The Connect was to be the centerpiece of my home audio running through my existing Bose system with Play 3's and 5's in other rooms. However my home is too open and the delay is obvious. This is stalling me from by buying additional Play 3's and 5's. Add this feature and I am back at it. Please also report back to your raving fans on if this is not possible so that we may move on to a plan b.
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Adding my two cents here, too. My setup was also thwarted by this situation and I had to return a connect as a result. Waiting to see what's next. Please give us the option to configure our systems to make this work.
+ 1 vote from me please Sonos. This will be an amazing feature if implemented, I'm pretty sure those returned Sonos systems will be 're-purchased'! 😉
For such a high end system, it's actually ridiculous that Sonos have not implemented this custom delay feature after years of customer requests. +1 from me (again ...)
after reading this I don't want to spend my money on a sonos system, I need to wait until this is solved. I was hoping to buy my sonos speaker this month. please hurry up Sonos!!!
This is a crucial feature and it's stopping many of my friends/colleagues from getting a Sons system as they are audiophiles like me, with higher end receivers. For me, I have to choose between 3 zones (bedrooms and bathroom) or the living room. If I group all of them, the living room is delayed and it's impossible to listen to music. This ruins the Sonos experience. PLEASE do something about this! I want my high end surround receiver in the living room, but I want my Sonos zones to be in sync as I listen to a lot of music 😞
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It seriously puzzles me how something so simple, at least in a basic form, it's not implemented yet. It's true that it could get hairy if you start mixing zones/delay and moving your Plays around, but for 99% of the people concerned by this issue a simple delay slider to be set per each zone which has the problem (one or more Plays combined with a receiver) would be enough to solve all issues. I would have already purchased a sub and another Play, at the moment i'm stuck and very worried about the future of my Sonos setup.
Onkyo 705...has syncing issues in all modes except direct and pure, which of course have no bass. Dont see why it cant be a setting that when grouped introduces a slight delay?
Sonos should be careful with how they market this product (Connect). Simple saying that most AV receivers add a delay, making the room grouping feature with such setup out of sync. I bought my Sonos stuff beleiving that Sonos really works in such enviroments. Sonos: Do not create faulse expectations.
And the result is?
Definitely a +1 for me too. I have a Bose Lifestyle 135. I can adjust the sync level a bit on my Bose system but still I can't get my Connect in sync with my other P3 and P5 devices. Sonos should provide a feature to configure delays on Connect devices to tackle this kind of issues...
Absolutely needed enhancement to the SONOS system. I was bummed to find out there is a slight delay between my Play 3 and my Connect even when I run it through Pure Direct on my Yamaha receiver.
Yes, I didn't know this was a problem; play 3 in the post and now it sounds like its going to be unbearable!
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This must be a hardware problem with Sonos as, if it isn't, it should have been rectified years ago. I am absolutely flabbergasted that it hasn't been rectified or at least Sonos admit that it can't be fixed, but of course they wouldn't admit that as it would affect the sales of the connect. Well this problem has affected sales pure and simple (see all the posts above). If I'd known about this problem I would not have bought the connect. But also, now I know about the problem, I have no plans of extending my Sonos system further and I would have been in the market for the new playbar, the sub and more Play 5's. The connect is the weakest link in the Sonos lineup and Sonos have created and still market a product that lets the side down considerably and furthermore does not DO what it claims to DO and that is wirelessly SYNC music throughout your house.
This is an absolutely essential feature. Please implement it ASAP.