Feature Request: Group volume profiles

  • 25 April 2023
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User Story: As a music listener, I want to the option to set group volume with a single tap when selecting a group, so I can quickly and easily configure the soundscape according to my preferences, before the music starts playing.

This might be solved via “group profiles” — presets that save the individual volume levels for all speakers in a group. These profiles would enable the listener to save relative volume levels according to their preferences for each speaker in the group. For example, Roam speakers generally require higher level settings than other speakers to achieve the same overall decibel level. The perceived volume for a given speaker is also affected by room placement and other factors.

In addition to the convenience of setting relative volumes that are appropriate for each speaker, the listener can also use group profiles to quickly set the overall volume level before the music starts. For example, a profile for background music might be rather quiet, while a profile for a house party would be set much louder.

3 replies

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Hi @dayofthedave,

I don’t use this feature myself, but I can see the benefit of groups having an option to set and save the volume of a specific speaker and change to that volume when the group is selected, or even as you suggested, multiple volume profiles that you can apply to your groups.

I’m not sure exactly if either of those options would be possible with the current implementation of saved groups, but I’ll mark this thread as a feature request and forward it to the relevant team.

Thanks for the feedback and keep the ideas coming!


This!  Having a home with nearly 30 different Sonos products, it would be fantastic to have groups set with specific volumes saved. I. E. Dinner, dance party, breakfast, quiet time, etc.  This would go a long way towards enjoying the sound system without constantly being Tethered to our phones to make adjustments