Compilation Tracks not searchable by Artist

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I agree, my multi artist compilations are tagged perfectly with the album artist set to "Various Artists" and the individual tracks have the "Artist" tag set as appropriate. I also set the compilation flag to true. When grouping by either Album Artist or by Compilations the extensive "Contributing Artists" list is ignored when searching by artist. As approximately 40% of my library is multi-artist compilations (the entire UK Now Series and many many others) I have a very long "Contributing Artists" list but the "Artists" list (album artists) just shows the artists that I have albums for. This is just how I like it as I often prefer to just browse the artists I have full albums for. Unfortunately the extensive "Contributing Artists" list is not searchable meaning 40% of my tracks are not searchable by artist, unless I painstakingly scroll through the list. This is a major, major useability issue. I can change the tags so that the album artist is left blank for my compilations but this then means that all my compilation album artists then appear under the "Artists" list. This makes the individual Artists list and Contributing Artists lists pointless. This is what I said about the other issue of not always being able to see the artists for tracks on compilations: Unfortunately the search functionality still doesn't find tracks by artists that appear on compilations. I wish the grouping functionality would look at both the compilation flag and the album artist tags. Unfortunately if you group by Compilations and you have albums by an artist that contain tracks by the artist Feat. [another artist] the album is broken out by the individual artists. For example Out of Time by R.E.M.. For this album I set the album artist to be just R.E.M. and also set Artist to R.E.M. except for the two tracks that feature another artist. The album is broken out into 2 sections by artist, rather than the single album artist. This is very annoying as I like to listen to albums in full and the only way of doing this is to search for the album by name rather than artist. I would like to see just R.E.M. in the album artist list and R.E.M., R.E.M. Feat Kate. Pierson and R.E.M. Feat. KRS-one in the contributing artists list. If I group by album artist it works like this but it then doesn't show the individual artists of tracks for multi-artist compilations. This is so frustrating. It was very embarrassing when a guest tried searching for "Poison" by "Alice Cooper" by searching for "Alice Cooper". I have this track on 3 different compilation albums but it is impossible to find it by searching for "Alice Cooper". I really can't believe this still hasn't been sorted out. Another major annoyance - I have also uploaded all my music to Google Play. When I search by artist on Google Play through the Sonos controller and go into the "My Library" section it lists all of the albums but there is no way of seeing a list of tracks by the artist in my library. If I search for "Alice Cooper" it shows all of the compilation albums that "Alice Cooper" appears on but if I go into the compilation album it shows all of the tracks on the compilation, rather than just the track(s) by Alice Cooper. This is very frustrating as compilation albums contain a lot of tracks and you can't easily see the track(s) by the artist you are searching for. Surely these useability issues need addressing as soon as possible.
There is nothing to do with metadata, the problem is in Sonos controller.

I confirm, this is not working, you can't find compilation tracks using artist search, there should be some kind of "Contributing Artists" search

Please Sonos, do something, first we can't see the contributing artists when browsing compilation album and we can't search artist of compilation, it is very very very annoying.
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Hello Mike,

Sonos reads the metadata directly from the track- which is how it is encoded. If you are unable to search for the artist and it show the compilation album, it may be that the metadata is not properly encoded to place the track in that area. 

You can manually alter/verify the metadata yourself via popular third party software. This will then place the songs in their desired sections. You could consider: MediaMonkey, VLC...etc

We can also take a look with you to see to verify this information with you if you'd like. You can give us a call when you have the time to troubleshoot.