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  • 6 August 2018
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For some reason the account listed on the app on my phone is for my husband. I have no idea how this happened and neither does he. He doesn't know his password. I need to switch to my account on the app on my iPhone because under his account only 2 of our subs show up and we can't add anything without him being signed in. Also, we need to use my account because he doesn't have pandora without commercials and I do. You would think it would be easy to switch account of who is logged in - but this seems impossible!

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15 replies

Can you clarify what app you are referring to, what account? Sonos? Amazon Alexa?

For Sonos, you can reset the password:

I'm not sure how to change the email address/account on Sonos, other then doing a factory reset on everything and starting from scratch. It shouldn't be necessary though as the owner of the Sonos account and the owner of any music services (like Pandora) do not need to match. In fact, I've had my neighbors Spotify account in my Sonos for over a year now.

If you're talking about an amazon account, that's easily reset through the Amazon website. Again, the music services through Alexa don't have to match the owner of the Amazon account.

If you are referring to your Sonos Account, once you have reset the password, you can transfer devices to a new account in 'Settings/Account Settings/Transfer Account' if you want to, but note this has no bearing at all on the added Pandora Account, you can simply add your own Pandora Account to the Sonos App at anytime, no matter who’s Name/Account the Sonos App is being used under.
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I'm using the sonos app on my iPhone. The problem is that is says you are signed in with - and it gives my husband's email address. I need to be able to sign in as me. So how do I do that when it won't allow me to change the email listed??
The account that you signed in to Sonos really doesn't matter, the accounts that you add to it do, and you can use the pull down at the top to switch between, for instance, your Apple music and your husband's.

There's only one account for the Sonos system. There's multiple accounts for each music source that you add to your Sonos system, so that both you, and your husband (and others, if you need them) can choose your own playlists.

See for more information on adding multiple music accounts.
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How do I add speakers if I can't sign in?? This has never happened before and I had always seen my email when I opened it and now I see his. Please see the image I attached which shows his email address, not mine.

Ah, I hadn't caught the fact that you were attempting to add a new player, my apologies. Just click on the "I forgot my password", and you should be able to reset the password to something you both should be able to remember.
You can also transfer the account your Sonos system is registered and linked to.

Using the Sonos app for iOS or Android: Open the Sonos app. From the More tab, tap Settings > Sonos Account > Transfer Sonos to a new account

Using the Sonos app on Mac or PC: Select Help > My Sonos Account > Transfer Sonos to a new account
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I can't just reset the password because it's on HIS email which I do not have access to and he is traveling abroad for business.
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To transfer the account you still need to sign in to email that that the account is currently registered to.
I'm having the same issue. It's asking for credentials for the account associated with your husband's email address. In my case, my father's app is asking for the credentials from my account. I'm not sure how his app got associated with my account. These are two separate accounts that have separate Sonos equipment. They are on the same network, always have been. I can log into his account on the web browser just not the app. There seems to be no way to log out of the app. Were you able to resolve your issue? I just removed the app from his phone, reinstalled it and will connect it with his Sonos again. We'll see.
Deleted the app, reinstalled it. I had to simultaneously press the play/pause and volume up buttons on the playbar. It detected it and now it works.
i think what you need is the "forget current sonos system" and connect to your sonos again, but i'm not sure. our problem was that we have several sonos connected to several accounts and we were trying to set up a new one with a another account. i go connected to a sonos by mistake and couldn't get out of there to add the new speaker.
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I think the issue could be there are 2 Sonos systems setup. One under yoir email the other on your husband's.
I dont think you can have a speaker active on 2 accounts. Which is probably why you cant see all your speakers.

To resolve you will need to decide which account you want to keep which is looking like yours?

To fix, I'll delete the app from your phone and reinstall it, connect ro existing system whicj is where you should be able to select the right account.
You will then need to factory reset of any speaker you cant see and readd them again.

Your husband will also need to delete and reinstall his app to be on the same system as you. No further speaker reset shoild be needed.

As already pointed out you csn have multiple instsnces of the same service connected.

I woild also suggest sharing the sonos password to allow both party carry out functions that need the password, other than resetring3it as only the email owner can do that.
I hope this helps
Probably the best answer yet the problem seems to be that Sonos makes it very hard to sign out of an account so if there's a legacy account like the husband account you can't sign out of it if the husband goes away it's a real pain.
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I'm having the same problem and it is really infuriating, especially coming a from brand to sells on ease of use. I work in a building with multiple studio units who share the same wifi and my app keeps connecting to someone else's speakers. Sonos please fix this problem so I don't have to uninstall and reinstall every time something goes wrong. JUST ADD A LOG OUT BUTTON ON THE APP! not that hard!