Automatic regrouping

  • 15 February 2014
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I am trying to minimize the amount of electronic equipment that is consuming power 24/7 and our three Sonos speakers (1-5, 2-3s) are candidates. The only problem is that when I use my home automation system to turn off the outlets that the speakers are plugged into, in the morning I have to regroup them and that process is not without its weaknesses and is inconvenient. I would like to have the option of keeping the speakers regrouped automatically when they are repowered.

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7 replies

Exactly my problem. Would be great to have a solution.
Agree - very much a required feature
Just one of many situations where this would be helpful. Hope it is implemented soon!
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+1 for automatic regrouping, but in a different fashion and for a different reason:

The Playbar automatically ungroups itself when TV line level rises, and that's an amazingly slick and useful behaviour, but it never regroups itself after a period of TV silence, and that has led to confused "why isn't the music playing" questions in my household.
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If you have home automation then perhaps you also have a server (or similar general-purpose computing device) that can run code according to a trigger.

If so, you can use various command-line or software utilities to place your speakers into party mode, or to construct more elaborate groups too. There are both Python and Ruby libraries that do it:

Some programming will be required.
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Please add this feature as an option that users could select. It would make using the system much more "automatic" in many households, and eliminate the main remaining significant usability issue in my case.
I was searching around looking for any kind of information concerning this really obvious and major omission in Sonos' otherwise excellent functionality. A few days ago I set up my new OLED TV and was really excited about getting rid of a bunch of ancient home theater hardware and replacing it all with my Playbar and Sub. I knew already that the Playbar would automatically un-group when audio from the TV was detected. Imagine my disappointment when I realized it wouldn't auto-REgroup with my other 6 Sonos speakers for music.Now I'm here and realizing this issue has been around for 5 (count'em five) years with no resolution. That doesn't seem possible. It just can't be that hard to store the last grouping state in the app and use that info to re-group the Playbar when digital input is stopped.

Really, Sonos? Can this really be true? Please, please address this issue immediately if not sooner. I have a feeling you'll make a whole lot of Sonos owners very, very happy.