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  • 22 November 2012
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Similar to Itunes there should be Shuffle by album mode, which plays a complete album and then randomly plays another album in the playlist.

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16 replies

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I believe this is an essential function and I’m astounded that it is not currently supported. I listen to many classical albums which must be played in total and in sequence. There are also many non-classical albums that should be played this way. Can the Sonos developers please add this function as soon as possible?
I totally agree. Sonos is a great system and after 6 months this is the only significant flaw I could detect. But unfortunately I think it's a significant shortcoming for people with a significant music collection. Please add a button "add random album to playlist". It would make a great system the greatest.
Please add this feature. I too listen to albums, not tracks, but would greatly like to be able to have the player take off and randomly play albums from my collection, or define a subset playlist that would then play albums randomly. Have always considered this an essential function as well and was surprised to find it missing. Getting the Sonos had hoped I'd be able to listen to more of my music without having to intentionally plan or think about it--if I have to select album by album, it tends to either run out and I don't get back to it, or often select same albums over. Would love to have random albums to cycle through my music easier.
I would like to see such a Feature too maybe already in the next Software Update 🙂?! It's the only thing i'm missing at the sonos System apart from the file Limit that sonos has. Thanks!
Please include this function ! Ever since I got my Sonos 2 years ago I'm desperatly looking for this feature after each software update 😉 I would love to have sonos pick albums from my music library to listen to. It would further be great if albums appear as album in the playlist (if added as album), maybe with a little '+' on the side to expand the individual tracks ! Thanks.
Just got my Sonos and this is the first thing I tried to do - only to find it's not there ..... very annoying!
I NEED this feature. Please make it happen Sonos!
This is an absolute must .... I filled my house with sonos, not using it until this is sorted!!!
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I wish Sonos would pull their finger out and focus more on those of us who have music libraries at home and not Spotify et all. No genius mode, no album shuffle, no music discovery. Come on guys!
As a Connect user, I've come across this post after searching for any news from Sonos of a album shuffle feature only to find that other people here have been asking for it for years - seemingly without reply which doesn't fill me with confidence. Tired of waiting, I've had to go back to my iPod classic to enjoy it. Any chance of adding it Sonos, please?
I believe that without this functionality that sonos is fundamentally broken. Until this is fixed I won't be extending my system. If it isn't fixed soon I'll be selling what I have and buying something that caters for people who listen to classical music. Bluetooth and a cheap app should do.
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I enjoyed Album Shuffle in Squeezebox. It's a shame with the greater power of Sonos that this elementary feature has not been added. 
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This is one of the features I regularly wish Sonos supported.
Yes this would complete the features in Sonos for me. Please add. Thank you.
Definitely need shuffle albums with keep song order! There's money (Sonos' to sell) to be made with that kind of feature! Otherwise gotta use some Python script to create playlists & store it on NAS which is entirely too much work.
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I'm adding my support for this feature. I have around 2,000 albums in my collection, and quite often I'd just like to pick a random one to play. At the moment I just go to Songs, hit Shuffle All, see what it picks, then manually go to that album-and even then there doesn't seem to be a 'go to album' link from a given song like a lot of players have, which makes it even more laborious. I really can't see that this feature is that hard to implement. Can't be more than a couple of dozen lines of code...