Your Sonos product was not found on PC wired connection

  • 10 December 2020
  • 4 replies

Hey everyone.


So, here’s my setup.

Xfiniity cable modem router.

from there, it goes to a linksys gigaswitch.

My google mesh wifi is plugged into the gigaswitch.

My sonos is connected to the google mesh wifi.

My PC is also plugged into the gigaswitch

The IP on the sonos speakers is 192.168.86.XXX, subnet

the IP on my PC is 192.168.1.XX, subnet

I have gone in and configured my network to private on my PC

I have also done the firewall config on my windows 10 pc as directed by sonos


I installed the sonos pc controller and it still cannot find my sonos product.  I’ve reinstalled twice.


Any suggestions?

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4 replies

Do i need to change the IP address to both be 192.168.(1).XXX?

Put your mesh into access point mode. Looks like both your Xfinity router and your mesh are handing out IP addresses.

Thanks ClausN, But google wifi mesh doesn’t allow me to change it to an access point.  Mesh only.  I have the xfinity modem/router combo.  

I do not use a mesh myself but I believe the Google mesh point should be between the Xfinity and the switch, i.e. cable from Xfinity to Google wan port, and another cable from Google lan port to switch, and disable DHCP in Xfinity or put it into bridge mode and also disable wifi in the Xfinity.

However, several of the other Community members know a lot about networking, and hopefully they will contribute, too.