Sonos Port and "old" wired Sound system

  • 24 November 2022
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 I have purchased 2 Sonos One SL speakers, My questions are as follows.

1:If I purchase a Sonos Port will I have the ability to connect it to my current sound system amp (connected to CD/DVD and television) and be able to “run” the sound from the old amp thru my new Sonos speakers in addition to “old” speakers currently wired to old amp?

 Question 2: Will I de able to send streamed music through the “old wired “speakers as well as the new Sonos pair?

Thanks for your help

A Sonos Newbie😉



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Odd choice of fonts, makes it hard to read.

One and two are intertwined, the Sonos Port is designed to connect to existing amplifiers and send the Sonos signal to them. If you’re playing a stream from Sonos, both the Sonos speakers and your current speakers will be in sync. However, playing anything connected to your current stereo, such as the CD/DVD player will incur the normal 75 ms delay, and your current speakers would be ‘ahead’ of your Sonos speakers. 


Ah, one more thing to note, since you mentioned the TV. The Sonos Port is a stereo device, it does not carry any 5.1 signals.

Bruce, Thanks for your response.

Any way around the 75ms delay?

So the TV hookup through the Sonos Speakers is a no go?

No, there isn’t any way to avoid the 75 ms delay on an analog input to the Sonos system, it is the way that Sonos ensures that the input can be played across all Sonos devices simultaneously. 

This would indeed be problematic for you to use them to play any TV source due to lip sync, and probably why Sonos makes they’re own TV soundbars that have low latency digital inputs, although the low latency is only for within that one ‘ room’, and you have to pay that same approximate 75ms when you group other rooms.