See the Sonos on my Router but cannot Connect

  • 31 December 2020
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I’ve been getting problems with my system the last month. 1 x  playbar & 2 x play:1

Now I have the situation where in my router network map, sees the SonosZP but cannot access from any of the iOS or MacOS apps. 
do you have any suggestions?



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6 replies

Have you recently replaced the router? Is PLAYBAR wired or wireless? Which model router are you using?

Hi buzz, thank you for your time!

i have eveything wireless,

Im using the AP from ubiquity and the modem is the one given by Vodafone.

I've tried connecting by cable the playbar and works fine, but I cannot leave the cable connected, in 10 meters from the router haha, I was just checking the connection between the playbar and the two play:1

i don't know what to do,


happy new year btw!




Today I've tried to reconnect all the play:1 and the playbar, and now my Sonos Account it says that only have one play:1, the other two dissapeared, my services are gone, don't know what to do :(

Solved the 2nd thing I've talked about it, but the connection to Sonos app still happening :(

If the VODAFONE box is only a modem and the UBIQUITI box is only an access point, which router are you using? 

Make sure that the UBIQUITI AP is set for b/g compatibility.

When you mention “Sonos Account” are you referring to the units that you see in Settings → System → About My System or the details in your account on the SONOS website?

hi again buzz!

the modem is the router, Sercomm Vox 2.5 from vodafone

The ubiquity ap is using the b/g mode as well 

and the thing about Sonos acconunt was on the app, but this is fixed.

when I used a ethernet cable ad connect the playbar directly, everything started to work, I did configure all the surround system too.

as soon as I take out the cable it stops.


Sure is the AP, but cannot see why, I can see the “Sonos ZP” but cannot make then work.

I've read sometime about multicast, tried too and nothing happened.


well I guess tomorrow will be a good lazy day to do some useful stuff haha.


thank you!! happy new year