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I have one Sonos One standing in my kitchen. My parents are on vacation since about too weeks, but this night I was laying on our couch next to the living room watching tv and the box just started playing news about the current Ukraine situation. I thought the tv might have triggered it and tried telling it to shut up, but since it didn’t answer I checked and the mic was off all the time. I am alone at home so this was kind of scary, especially since I myself haven’t used this box for the last few days. This happened once before if I recall correctly but back then (it’s about 1-2 months ago) I didn’t give it any attention and thought my mom had done it (when telling her she left the news on later, she told me she didn’t turn on the box).

Did this happen to anyone else before or does anyone know how/why this happens?


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What streaming service was this ‘news’ from? For instance, if it was Spotify, I’d suggest someone still had an active Spotify Connect session and was trying to play the source locally, and not realizing they were still connected to the Sonos. Or, it could be some sort of third party app, such as Apple’s HomeKit, playing an alarm, or even an alarm set up in the Sonos itself, without your knowledge.

What I’ve never seen is an unexplained playing of any source by the Sonos software. However, given that it’s constantly being updated, it’s not to say it couldn’t be a first time. The next time it happens, try running a diagnostic within 10 minutes of it starting,  and calling Sonos with the diagnostic number, they  should be able to tell you what started the playback, if none of situations in the first paragraph pan out. 

You might ask your parents if they were trying to listen on their phones at that time.  Spotify Connect and Amazon Alexa are capable of ‘bridging’ in the cloud after a device has left the Wifi network.