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I’m researching which NAS to buy and am finding the amount of options quite hard to navigate. What I’d like is:

  • A NAS that works seamlessly with Sonos
  • Cost to – ideally be below £250/$320
  • Good speed performance (obv.)
  • A NAS that allows for me to use as my actual iTunes music folder for my MacBook and potential to back up things like photos also (I don’t need it for movie files)
  • Nothing that requires ‘hardcore’ technical knowledge (I’m quite technically competent – with a bit of hand-holding – but I’d like the UX to be simple rather than be too involving)
  • For it to include 1/2TB storage min (as in fine for it to be 2x1TB with dual back up)

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you mean ravpower hub device, right? sorry to ask but as their official reply was that they dont work with sonos i am a little cautious. Still, it is more possible that they just didn’t try a lot for this to happen as this kind of application is not their main market target. 

Hello all,

so in the end, did someone manage to make work this ravpower hub device as a NAS to SONOS ?





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I use a WD MyCloud and it's been fine for serving music.

Anything that won't support SMBV1 is dead in the water as far as Sonos is concerned.

My old NAS drive died so I just got done updating my system to serve up my sonos music library from a NAS drive. I don't like to leave my computer on so I wanted a setup that runs when the PC is shut down. I found an inexpensive (~$30) piece of hardware that serves up flash drives/sticks as SMB NAS drives. I purchased a RAVPower Filehub ( This is a cheap travel router that can be set up in wired or wireless mode. I'm running it as a wired Samba server hanging off of my main router with a 128 GB flashdrive attached ($12 at Micro Center.). I had the RavPower up and running in minutes with their web-based admin interface. Then just pointed the music library settings in the Sonos controller to the Samba music share folder and re-indexed the music library.

This not a commercial for RavPower, Micro-Center or Amazon, just specifics on what I got working with a total cost less than $50!

This idea of using a travel router as a file server is great. I have a GL.iNET router. Do you think that it might work? I appears that you can set it to run Samba 1

Thanks for any advice 

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If it runs v1 and has space for your music it will work. Sonos is not very picky about NAS devices outside the v1 requirement.