lost all sonos playlists when updating router

Hi everyone

after hours of talking to sonos customer support since my system wasnt working, I changed my wifi router, as per their recommendation, reset one play 1 (I have another play 3 and a Connect that I havent reset)


after HOURS on the phone and multiple attempts with rhe new router I finally mamaged to conect the play 1- on sonos s2 and I lost all my sonos playlists…. Worst customer experience ever. Any hacks to recover these ? I havent set up the rest of my system


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Do not Factory Reset any other units. Your playlists will be destroyed by a Factory Reset. Fortunately, your SONOS Playlists are intact on the players that have not been Factory Reset.

Were you using S1 or S2 on the system prior to this mess? If you are attempting to use S2, make sure that CONNECT was manufactured during 2015 or later. Don’t try to change operating systems at this time.

As a first step, I suggest that you power down the unit that has been Factory Reset and keep it offline. Wire one of the other units to your router and let us know the results. Also, we need a full description of your network -- include model numbers. Which Controller App are you using?

Thanks so much for the quick reply

yes my connect is older than 2015 - and I was on S1 before this mess. Found out afterwards that I should not have installed S2..

should I delete S2 and unplug the play 1then first?

Now Im using S2 and the play 1 buthappy to delete S2 because nothing happened on S1 it didnt recognize anything even if directly connected to the router via an ethernet cable ..until I reset ..which is was the (...) customer service told me to

S1 and S2 are not compatible. For example, S1 controllers cannot be used with S2 players. S1 and S2 systems can coexist on the same network.

Are your playlists intact on the S2 system? If so, I think that the easiest path for you is to update the older CONNECT to a 2015 or later build or a PORT. 

My playlists are gone when I plugged play 1 back on S2..

So what do you recommend, removing S2 and try to connect S1 to the connect and play 3 that hasnt been reset? 

Thanks so much for your generous help!

latest update: I deleted S2 I plugged the play 3 and it worked with S1! And the playlists are here you re right !!! 
however cant add connect what do you think? 

Just so we understand your current situation: Your component list is two older CONNECT’s, one PLAY:3, and a PLAY:1? You now have a working PLAY:3 running on S1 and the playlists are intact. If you simply power up the CONNECT that was not Factory Reset does it function normally with your S1 PLAY:3?

Don’t Factory Reset anything yet.

I have one bridge, one old connect (to add Bose speakers and a vinyl player to my sonos products), one play one and one play 3


exactly for now only one play 3 is working on S1 with my old playlists. I cant anyrhing else until I perform a “system update” what do you think ?

Again, do not Factory Reset anything at this time.

Better safe than sorry. If things seem to be going off the track below, stop and seek comment before creating more mess.

Due to its age and unrelated to the S1/S2 mess, you could be experiencing some issues with BRIDGE. Let’s power it down and set it aside for the moment.

Going forward do not follow any instructions leading to S2 -- regardless of any promises of improved this or that. In my opinion the notices about the benefits of S2 are much too aggressive and, as you have discovered, can lead to a mess.

Make sure that the S2 controller is uninstalled from all of the devices used to run the controller. Wire the PLAY3 to your network. If it wants to update, go ahead. Now the PLAY:3 should be fully functional. Stop here if it is not.

Next, let’s see if we can get BRIDGE online. Power it up and wire it to the network. If it wants to update, go ahead. If it does not request an update it may come online without any overt notices -- this is good and means that BRIDGE is likely working normally. Let’s verify this by going to Settings → System → About My System. Here both BRIDGE and the PLAY:3 should be visible. If BRIDGE is not working, power it down and set it aside.

Even if BRIDGE seems to be working, let’s power it down and keep PLAY:3 wired to the network. This is a precaution because a faulty BRIDGE can result in difficult to describe, intermittent issues that have nothing to do with S1/S2.

Now, and only now, Factory Reset the PLAY:1. Don’t Factory Reset anything else. Add PLAY:1 to your existing system as if PLAY:1 is a new unit. (Take care with this step because it is easy to follow the wrong branch and setup a new system) Again, do not follow any suggestions to “improve” your system by installing S2.

Hopefully PLAY:1 will install without event and you’ll be good to go. PLAY:1 will probably request an update (reverting to S1) and this is OK -- just avoid S2.


Now, about that BRIDGE. By now you can imagine that I don’t trust it and you are correct. I assume that you are using BRIDGE because you don’t want to permanently wire any of the other units to your network. If you can easily wire another unit to the network, I suggest that you retire BRIDGE now, or keep it under very close supervision if you continue using BRIDGE. In the future if you continue with BRIDGE and are experiencing any odd issues with some or all units dropping off, suspect BRIDGE until proven otherwise.

While I prefer wiring one or more SONOS units to the network, you can configure the units to use WiFi and at that point BRIDGE will become baggage. For now, let’s ignore the WiFi option and not introduce any potential for more drama.

I made it!!! Thanks for your support you re the best!!

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This post was SUPER USEFUL just now in a support chat.  I had one old product and was still using S1 and moved two of my ONE speakers into a new house and tried to get them to work. I figured I’d install the S2 app and had no luck. Support guy was in the middle of moving me over and casually mentioned that I’d lose my playlists. WHAT? I’ve assembled Sonos playlists since 2009 and they were being tossed out. Instead, I ended up using an ethernet cable and returned to S1. I literally was reading this while in the chat. I asked if there was a feature request to backup Sonos playlists and he said he’d report it. I guess I’ll need to take countless screenshot so I at least have the list.


Seems odd. Neither changing your router, nor upgrading from S1 to S2 should cause you to lose your playlists, unless something’s changed. I’ve replaced the router several times, since no data is stored there, it doesn’t matter. All the data is stored on the speakers. 

And when I upgraded from S1 to S2, all the playlists were transfered. 

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 I asked if there was a feature request to backup Sonos playlists and he said he’d report it. I guess I’ll need to take countless screenshot so I at least have the list.


You can backup your playlists. See my profile.