Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

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Do you have any WiFi extenders or Powerline in use?
You could have made the sonos software better from the start!! The quality and the features should align with the expensive prices of your system. For example, if you had just made it possible to upload a few songs into the local memory of the sonos speaker, and let it play from its local memory, the songs would never have been interupted from the beginning! Even if the connection was lost!
Hi there,

I submitted my diagnostics.
The reference number is 1116545308

I have one room, standard setup a playbar and a sub.
They are wireless connection to the router.

My sonos still keeps dropping out from my phone controller when playing music.

I have tried changing the wireless channel but it keeps happening.

Please provide some assistance when able.

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For example, if you had just made it possible to upload a few songs into the local memory of the sonos speaker, and let it play from its local memory, the songs would never have been interupted from the beginning! Even if the connection was lost!

What features are you willing to have removed from the speakers to allow room for local music storage? Memory is full so to add something something must go, like the CR-100 or Dock support to make room for the latest rounds of updates.
Hi. I’m having problems with the sub. Somethings it does not start playing before a few minutes after I put on music/tv. Recently happened again, diagnostic number 372836880.
Appreciate if you could look into this.
My Sonos setup also suffers from very frequent stuttering or even total loss of sound. I have 2 Sonos One speakers in stereo setup. They connect wirelessly, and I've already changed the channel a couple of times to no avail. I'm using Airplay by the way. Diagnostic reports:

I have a playbar, sub, and play 1 all in the kitchen (Across the house from the router, but we have strong wifi there). Last night it kept cutting out and losing various components in the app.

Can you let me know whats going on based on the diagnostics so I can try to remedy? I did change the band, and reset all the devices. It didn't seem to work till I reset the phones and then it would go out again after a while. Tried with multiple phones. I have only had the setup for a few days and its been a little flakey from the start.

Diagnostic 929056531

Thank you!
Hi there,

I changed my wireless channel and it still skips. I also tried with my record player through the connect and its cutting in and out.

Hello and Merry Christmas! =)

Loving my Sonos Beam and 2 Sonos Play 1s in my bedroom but when I use the Sonos app to play music from my iPhone it stops playing each and every song about half way through (sometimes sooner) without any reason.

When I use my Sonos system to watch movies or tv shows it runs smoothly without any issues

I did find a work around- I can play music from my iPhone airplayed through my Apple TV 4k without issue. I did notice using the Sonos app makes better use of the surround sound speakers though. The Apple TV 4k is fine but everything sounds deeper and richer through the Sonos app so it’s too bad it can’t play music properly

Here’s my diagnostic

Was a huge advocate of sonos, recommended to friends etc. Over last 12 months or so had nothing but trouble, sent lots of diagnostics in, after leaving them to gather dust thought would download latest updates. Got them going and thought great. Now same old problems speakers disappearing from controller, having to set up again completely then goes, totally unreliable. Did the move stuff away from router, changed router channel's things, but same old same old problems. Going to give up Bose here i come! Ive lost too much of my life already trying to get them stable, they used to be so good!
We keep having issues with the Sonos playback cutting in and out.
The internet speed is good (40mbps), and last night I went through and changed every wifi enabled device in the house that we could to 5GHz to reduce interference. So it is now pretty much just the Sonos on there 2.4GHz band.
I then scanned our area, and there are no other transmissions on Ch 6, so have set the Sonos to Ch 6. I have just rescanned, and the Sonos is the only device on that channel.
But this morning the music is still occasionally cutting in and out. Please help, its getting really frustrating.
Diagnostic number. 1500539342.
Tried changing wireless channel. Was set to Auto and changed to 6. Submitted diag 1736949196. Dropping while playing from Sirius. Speakers missing also.

Any help on this issue looking at the diagnostics?
Since it's the end of the year, it's unlikely that you're going to get a response for a couple of days, unless you try the 24/7 support on Twitter or Facebook. While they purport to be 24/7, I'm not sure whether they're available on holidays as well, but it's better than waiting for Wednesday for a response here.
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I am experiencing the same issue since couple of days. Nothing change in my setup/network. Please can you help? This is REALLY annoying.

Diagnostic 170095515
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Spotify just stopped and skipped on one song.
Diagnostic sent: 1929882447
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Spotify just stopped and skipped on one song.
Diagnostic sent: 1929882447

New diagnostic after some time still stuttering and skipping...
I have tplink wifi deco m5 with full wifi an a little 85mq house.
So this is not possible to be a network problem.
Same thing was happening from time to time with my previous Asus n56u router and to me it is not a network problem.

Diag 570468033

Tunein is working like a charme while Spotify stops and stutter.... So annoying
Jumping on the bandwagon here. I recently connected a TT to a Connect:Amp I wasn’t using. My setup prior to adding this device was a Playbar, Play:1, and another Connect:Amp powering speakers on my deck. None of the three devices ever dropped off my app in the past 5 years.

The second Connect:Amp connected to my TT drops off once day. Each time, I unplug the power and plug it back in so it can reestablish a connection.

My Bell HomeHub 300 Router is set to Channel 6.
SonosNet Channel is set to Channel 11.

Diagnostic: 293570726


One of my Play:5s started skipping today when playing from my wife's iPhone local content. It goes away when my iPhone's wifi is turned off. Turning my wifi radio back on immediately starts with the skipping/drop outs. Diagnostic number 1274459286 was submitted while this was going on.

The Play:5 is hard wired to the network, and there are several other speakers that aren't, if that matters. The wifi channel is one.

What other diagnostic information can I provide?


Diagnostic 748375781

I run a very small restaurant and bar ( less than 12 tables) and having significant issues with Sonos connectivity. We have two Sonos play 1.. one in bar area and one in dining area.

We have an access point in the bar area with the router on the floor upstairs. Tracks keep skipping and the second dining area Sonos keeps losing connectivity. I’ve tried the same. I’ve changed wireless channels and tried moving the Sonos devices around to see if that helps

I’m really at a loss as to how to resolve. The music is not smooth at all and makes for an unpleasant experience. We’ve had to resort to older less desirable options which we don’t want to do.

Please could you advise how to resolve?

First off, I'd actually recommend that you create a new topic with your issue. Much more likely to be seen by Sonos than here on page 13 of a long thread.

I'm inferring from your post that your Sonos speakers are all on your wifi. Have you tried doing a "wired" network, by connecting one Sonos device (a BOOST, or one of the speakers) to your router upstairs?

What's the building made of? Is it old brick or stone, or stick frame with wallboard?
Thanks for the reply Bruce; I had initially figured this was the megathread for these issues. After posting I kept researching and realized this interference was because what I thought was wired on this particular Play:3, actually wasn't. When double checking the connections for the devices in that area I discovered it was still relying on wifi. Once I wired everything up this has cleared up, which is why I haven't pursued it with another post.

Thanks again.

Room has just started disappearing out of nowhere, have cycled power on the device multiple times
Switched my 2nd amp to be hardwired, even though my AV guys said both sonos and creston reccomend one being hardwired and the rest not....hooked it into my rack and no problems....HARDWIRE is always the way to go 😮
Hi! My playbase keeps cutting the audio for like 10 seconds at a time before coming back. It is *not* wireless, but connected using a wire. Diagnostics number: 650979270