interference from other Sonos devices on my Sonos Connect

  • 23 January 2023
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hi , I hope you can help,

I have a Sonos Connect linked to a Linn amp and speakers . The system has been giving an unpleasant and constant crackle  .

I've replaced the connections and changed the power source but this hasn't helped  .

 The problem seems to be when I activate my other Sonos products: a Sonos One and a Sonos Connect amp in other rooms .


Have you any idea why this is happening .




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4 replies

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Hi @tenri1983 

Thanks for your post!

First, if you haven’t tried swapping out the cable linking your Connect to your Linn amplifier, please do so (I think you said you did, but I want to make sure).

WiFi interference doesn’t produce a crackling noise - just momentary (or less so) drop-outs, and I don’t think your other Sonos devices would affect the analogue signal on the audio cable (the other form of interference, which in theory could produce a crackle) - certainly not from other rooms. A digital link isn’t likely to be affected. If the audio cable is being affected by noise, it will be a device with extreme proximity to the cable that’s doing it.

Do you have anything else you can plug your Connect into to test, or another device you can plug into your Linn amp (using the same cable)? Doing so would be invaluable in narrowing-down the source of the problem, and very likely to be asked for when calling in - it’s easier to do it in your own time rather while on a call.

Something else to try is a loopback test:

  • wire the output of the Connect straight into the input of the same Connect
  • in the app, tell the Connect to play something that will continue for a while
  • now tell another room to play Line-In from the Connect (not the source the Connect is playing)
  • if you hear the source playing in the other room, the loopback test is working
  • if you hear the same crackle in the other Sonos room as you heard over your Linn amplifier, then the Connect is very probably faulty

It’s possible a factory-reset of the Connect could help, but it’s a long-shot, unfortunately. Please try it, however.

If you determine the Connect is faulty, you could get in touch with our technical support team (I started writing with this in mind), but they’re only going to be able to offer 30% off a replacement, which you can already get for yourself by logging into your Sonos account at and going to the Upgrade page. Additionally, there would be no need to return the faulty unit, and you can get any unit as a replacement, rather than only a Connect. While on the subject, the Connect is discontinued now - the successor is the Sonos Port (the main differences are AirPlay compatibility and no optical digital output).

You also have two 15% vouchers available due to owning your other two products. Note that each of these (and the 30% voucher) can only be used individually, but each can be used to get a discount off a purchase of any Sonos product on our website, including sets. Vouchers are applied to the most expensive product in your shopping basket automatically (after activation) when you shop while logged in.

Please feel free to get in touch via phone if you want to verify your test results before spending any money.

I hope this helps.

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Wow . Thank you so much for this full response . I will try all you said and report back . Again , many thanks for your kindness in helping me .



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Hi @tenri1983 

You are very welcome!

I should add that you should only factory reset the Connect if the tests indicate that it is it that is at fault.

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Hi @tenri1983 

I just had a thought - is your router close to your Connect, by any chance? If so, the increased transmission traffic of grouping in other speakers could make the router interfere with the audio cable. Please keep the router 1m away from all other devices.