How to play Music from a Denon RCD-N12 upon Sonos Group via Port

  • 12 February 2024
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I have a new Denon CEOL RCD-N12.  I want to play the audio from the CD and radio issued by this little receiver over my Sonos Group (1xBeam, 2xSonos One SL’s and a Sonos Subwoofer + a new Sonos Port).


I’ve tested the new Denon with wired speakers and headphones.  I can hear audio on both.  I disconnected the wired speakers and the headphones. 


To hear the music from the Denon on my Sonos set up, I purchased the Port. 

So far, it does not work.  Here is what I did:

  1. I grouped all the Sonos equipment.
  2. I connected the Denon and Port as follows;
    1. Denon’s “Audio Out” RCA  to Port’s “Line-In” RCA
  3. On the Sonos App the Port’s Line-Out Level is set to ‘Fixed’.


I spent about 90mins with Sonos support and sent them a diagnostic report.  They concluded that the Port was working just fine but was seeing no input from anything. 


So, what am I doing wrong?  Is what I am hoping to do even feasible?


I have not tested the ‘Audio Out’ RCA on the Denon as I dunno how to - I have no other sources I could use to test it with.  I suppose it could be faulty but this device is brand new.


Appreciate any wisdom.


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A quick look shows the audio outputs being from the internal pre-amp and probably controlled by the Denon’s internal volume control. You’ll have to turn the volume up a good bit to get enough signal to the Port to work well. You can also adjust the Port’s levels to try to find the optimum settings for all.

You can test the outputs by using an RCA cable and cutting one end off, giving you two conductors for each channel. Touch one conductor to the base of a headphone plug and the other to the tip and you should hear something, not very loud though.

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Did you choose "Line in” as a source for the Sonos speakers?

Thanks to both of you for your expedient replies.


@Stanley_4  Your solution proved accurate.  I had the volume on my Denon at about 10 out of 100.  When I increased it to over 15, I was able to hear music.  Oddly, i tried that yesterday and it didn’t work so I must have done something else wrong in addition to low volume.  In any event, today for some reason, success.