Beam keeps disconnecting from system / crashing

  • 30 December 2020
  • 3 replies

Hi, my beam keeps 'crashing'. Sometimes during music playback it is like the music is stuck and I need to turn off the plug at the wall. 

When it powers back on it has vanished from the system and the only way to get it back is a reset. 

Then it works as normal for a while and either the same thing happens, or randomly it just vanishes from the system again when the TV is off. 

I have a Sonos move in the same room and that has been working consistently. Actually this all seemed to start after I added the move to the system in December. 

Does anyone have any idea?




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3 replies

Is BEAM wired or wireless?

Submit two diagnostics, one while the system works and another soon after a failure. Post the confirmation numbers here and SONOS staff can comment.

Hi, the beam is wireless but is closer to the router than the move. 

I've submitted three diagnostics. 

351854267 was this morning (31/12/20)  when the beam was not working and had not been since the day before when I posted the original message. 

1688856465 is after I reset the beam and was playing sound through TV (31/12/20 am)

1303868709 is when I noticed the beam had stopped working again. I'm unsure what time it stopped but still 31/12/20. 



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