ZP100 to integrate a turntable without preamp?

  • 15 November 2016
  • 2 replies

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I'm considering adding a turntable to my Sonos setup. There seem to be some good deals on the old ZP100 on eBay currently. Would a ZP100 enable me to add a turntable without the need for an additional preamp?

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2 replies

No. No line-level input would allow you to dispense with a pre-amp.

A phono pre-amp does two things: boost the signal from the cartridge, and apply RIAA equalisation to counter the pre-emphasis used when the groove was cut. Without a pre-amp a phono signal would be too faint and sound bad.

Either you need a turntable which already includes a phono pre-amp or you'll have to buy a standalone unit.
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Thanks for the advice Ratty, looks like I will need to definitely factor a preamp into the equation!