Will UK purchased Play3's work in the US?

  • 3 October 2016
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I am potentially moving to the USA in the next few months and want to take my play3's with me (I have three) I just have the units and no connecting AMPS.

Will I be able to use the Play 3's over there by using an adaptor or will I need to buy new main's leads or will the change in wattage mean new units! Keen to avoid the last one if possible. Just not sure if they are made universally and then just different country adapters supplied?

All advice gratefully received.

Best answer by Kumar 3 October 2016, 16:13

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10 replies

Just the different country adapters for the mains power sockets; only the Connect Amp needs the voltage switch to be correctly set, play units can take both voltages with no intervention needed.
You can either use adaptors or you can purchase new leads. The leads are standard Figure 8 types. As Kumar stated, the Connect:Amp has a switch on the back, all others are auto-switching.
Thank you Kumar - that is perfect. I really didn't want to have to sell them and start all over!
Thanks Jgatie - always good to have confirmed - save me a lot of hassle.

One other question - not sure if you would know this. I control the players via ipads - will those ipads work in the US (they aren't cellular just wifi) with the UK app or is there a different one for the US - do you need to resubscribe to a US spotify account rather than a UK one or is that international too?
The Sonos app is universal. The iPads too, apart from their power supply, though you may have to change the keyboard to US English. ;)

I suspect the Spotify account is probably universal too, though what's playable could change with country (based on geolocating the IP address) since royalty agreements differ.
Perfect - thanks Ratty - I suspect this will all be a bit trial and error! Really appreciate the input though
Your iPads will work fine. The only difference between WiFi schemes is UK/Euro offer slightly more bandwidth (up to Channel 13 instead of 11). But that will be transparent to your devices, it only applies if you brought a router with you. No idea on the Spotify questions. They do employ geo-blocking, but how it would apply in your situation is a question for Spotify.

ETA: Fixed Channel 13 instead of 14.
Channel 13 in EU, though 12 & 13 are obviously deprecated owing to the overlap with 11.

Channel 14 is only Japan.
Thanks - looked on spotify community and answered that question too!
Channel 13 in EU, though 12 & 13 are obviously deprecated owing to the overlap with 11.

Channel 14 is only Japan.

Whoops! Read the wrong column. Fixed!