Will a connect make my Sonos 1 speaker play audio from my tv?

  • 2 October 2016
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I was wondering , I've got a Sonos play 1 speaker ready for downstairs kids play room. I can't justify a play bar for kids room. I was thinking of getting a Sonos connect and running my tv audio through play 1 speaker that way? Would it work or would it not be s recommended thing to do? Look forward to anyone's help!


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3 replies

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Here's an answer I provided to another member who had the same/similar question. It's more information than you need today, but it may come in handy later...


Unfortunately Play 1's nor Play 3's can be used as stand-a-lone TV audio speakers. Neither have analog or optical line-in. Other than the Sonos Playbar the Play 5 is the only speaker that will accommodate TV audio via analog line-in. FYI, the Playbar uses optical-in not analog line-in.

Using a Connect with L/R line-out from your TV to it's L/R line-in should work. Then group your Play 1's to the Connect. However, you'll have to power on your TV and then go to your Sonos Controller and select the Connect grouped with Play 1's....that's a two (2) step process just to prepare to listen to TV audio. Also (unless you can still control volume through your TV) you MAY have to use the Sonos Contoller to attenuate the volume as the Connect will not accept any TV remote commands. Are you sure it's worth the trouble?

My suggestion would be to invest in a Sonos Playbar. If your TV's remote is IR transmit the Playbar can learn the volume commands and you can continue using your TV remote. Also the Playbar will allow you to add a Sonos Sub and use the Play 1's as surrounds. FYI, you can add a Sonos Sub to a Playbar without adding surrounds.

NOTE: A true Sonos surround setup (i.e. Playbar, sub and Play 1's) requires that your TV optical outputs DD 5.1.
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Yes a connect hooked to tv audio will allow you to play said tv audio on any Sonos speaker (including Play:1). There will be about a 70ms delay in the audio. If your TV speakers are turned up you will hear a stadium type echo. If you turn down the Tv speakers in my experience the delay doesn't create a bothersome lipsync issue.
If you turn down the Tv speakers in my experience the delay doesn't create a bothersome lipsync issue.
I agree; but muting the TV speakers is essential.

But I am not sure that you will gain much by replacing the TV speakers with a play 1 - except for being able to obtain the TV sound in other rooms via Sonos speakers in those rooms. The least you need for better sound quality from the TV is a play 1 pair; but that, with the cost of a Connect, leaves play bar as the better option.

Modern TVs speakers can be quite decent if you play around with the audio settings on the TV to obtain the best possible sound for the room they are installed in. I can't see a single play 1 doing 350 dollars better.