Which turntable for play 5?

  • 4 January 2017
  • 3 replies

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Hi there, I have just purchased a play 5 and want to connect a turntable to it, should I go for a Flexon vinylplay or a Rega RP1 with a pre amp? If it's the RP1 which amp would you recommend? Obviously I would like the best sound possible for about that kind of money, any help or advice will be appreciated.

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3 replies

Rega makes very good TTs, and any budget preamp, like the ones made by Project, will suffice.
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The rega fono mini A2D has had good reviews too and may match up with their TT's, I am really looking forward to having some vinyl again.
It will be just as good as the Project amp; phono preamps are pretty much a commodity item now, so there isn't any functional need to spend more for brand labels and fancy casework.