which side of the wall to combine wire

  • 3 July 2023
  • 3 replies

Have 6 Sonos in ceiling speakers with Sonos amp. Bringing amp down so it doesn’t cook in my attic, using wall plate to connect. Wiring in parallel per Sonos guide, can I just use a 4 binding post (2 pair) wall plate and consolidate in the attic combining 3 speakers per banana clip? Or is it better to have a 12 binding post (6 pair) wall plate and then consolidate LR ± in the Sonos amp. Would prefer to do the first as the mess will be on the other side of the wall vs in my cabinet and visible. TIA

3 replies

If the connections are solid, it doesn’t matter. While I realize that they are ubiquitous in the audio world, I’m not a big fan of using banana plugs for permanent connections. they are great for temporary connections. That said, the bananas used by SONOS are some of the best.

I prefer using terminal blocks with crimp terminals on the wire ends. This requires some tooling that I have on hand and might be an annoyance for you. Plus, poorly done crimps can be a liability. You need a proper tool, rather than simply crushing the crimps with a pliers. I don’t use the cheapest terminals or crimpers.

Makes sense! Thank you, will check out those tools with the provided links 🙏🏻

Agreed, would prefer something permanent. Is there a way to have terminal blocks in some kind of wall plate? Trying to have this look as clean and professional as possible, not sure how to incorporate something like that for a behind the wall side, and exposed side.

Look for “blank plate” and “old work box”. I’d prefer to use an “old work electrical bracket” to mount my ring. With this scheme you make your connections and hide them behind the blank plate. You don’t need daily (or yearly) access to the connections. Pick a blank plate style that fits your other wall pates.