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  • 6 October 2017
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I understand you can plug a record player into a Sonos Connect to then send to a Sonos speaker, can you send to multiple sonos speakers? And do you need a phono stage or is there one built into the connect or connect amp?

Best answer by chicks 7 October 2017, 23:31

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19 replies

Yes, you can send to any combination of Sonos devices. Yes, you need a preamp for magnetic cartridges. Some turntables have them built in, but they are generally not the best quality turntables.
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Thanks chicks. Is it the Connect or Connect:Amp that I would need? When its distributed to more than one speaker, is there a delay between the two speakers due to it being an analogue input?
Connect, Connect amp, or Play:5 (old and new model) will work. If you use an amplifier+speakers with your turntable I would advice to use a Connect. In that way you turn the amplifier plus its connected speakers into another zone player. If your amplifier allows, you can play from the Connect to the speakers connected to the amplifier and at the same time send a different analog source connected to the amplifier to another Sonos zone player.

The Sonos system will take care there is no delay when you send the line in to a group of players.
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So f I had the record player playing through the amp, I could play it to my wired speakers and also to any number of sonos speakers on the wifi, all in sync. where should the phono stage sit? between the record player and the amp still? does the Connect have a built in DAC for analogue inputs?
If you use it like that there will be a slight delay which you may or may not be able to hear.

Here's how to have no audible delay:
- Connect the Connect to all four "tape" connections of your amplifier
- Group the Connect with the other zone players
- Select the line in of the Connect as source for that group
- Use the turntable input as a record source on the amplifier
- Switch on "tape monitor" or "record playback" on the amplifier

The phono stage (I suppose you mean the phono pre-amplifier) sits between the turntable and the amplifier, just like it always did in the old days (though a lot of amplifiers have a built-in phono pre-amplifier).

The Connect has a built in ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) for the analogue line in, and both analogue and digital outputs. Unfortunately it doesn't have a digital input.
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Do i not lose a lot of the sound quality doing this? It seems like a lot of toing and froing for the sound to get from source to speaker?
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Can I then bring in an Apple TV or airport express to play airplay throughout the system?
Do i not lose a lot of the sound quality doing this? It seems like a lot of toing and froing for the sound to get from source to speaker?

No, the ADC has a FAR lower noise floor than any vinyl record will ever have, and far lower distortion than any cartridge/stylus, especially after the stylus has worn and picked up dust.
I just dove in this weekend. I bought a connect and a play 1 to start. I ran my record player line out into Connect line in, then Connect line back to my stereo input. With uncompressed setting on, I put Thievery Corp on and it sounded great. My bookshelf Polk Audios playing out of stereo and a play 1 across the room. My wife and I liked it so much I ran back to store to get 2 more speakers...which I ended up going with a pair of play 3s. Now I have the play 1 in kitchen and the 3s in corners opposite my stereo. That warm rich sound fills my whole house and at least to my 43 year old ears, it sounds fantastic. That and my non-tech mind found the app very user friendly. We are planning on getting a soundbar, base and 2 play 3s this winter as a TV setup.
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Hi chicks, if I were to plug an Airport Express into one analogue input in the amp and the TT (assuming the amp has a built on phonostage) into the amp could I then use the tape loop to play either vinyl or airplay to both the R352's and the sonos speakers simultaneously. And vice versa play the sonos app to the R352's and the sonos speakers simultaneously?
There will be a significant time difference.
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more than 7ms?
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If I were to replace the airport express with an Apple TV could I utilise the optical points on both the connect and AppleTV. Instead of using up one of the analogue points on the Connect. What is the optical point on the Connect, actually it says its an output so my suggestion here may not work.
If everything goes though the Connect via the tape loop, zero delay, everything will be in synch. Not sure what you're trying to do.
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I have an amplifier with tape loop, a pair of Q acoustic speakers, a turntable and an airport express and an apple TV. I am looking to buy a sonos connect and a few Sonos Play speakers.

My aim is to be able to do three things:
Play a record to my Q speakers and a few sonos speakers simultaneously.
Stream music from my phone on the sonos app to my Q’s and the sonos speakers.
Stream music from my phone via airplay to the connect and to my Q’s and the sonos speakers.
So just make sure all sources go through the tape loop, and your amp will be in sync with the Sonos speakers, because the Connect will add the same delay to its line out that it adds to SonosNet.
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Which of the outputs should I use?
Record out to Connect In
Record in from Connect Out

Then make sure amp's "tape monitor" button is selected.
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If I have two sources plugged into the amp ie, airport and a TT. Do I just select the source I want then switch the Record option on well to push that source out to the passive speakers and the Sonos. And then if I want to stream Sonos to passive and sonos network I turn the Record option off and switch source on the amp to what?