Using Play 1 with Echo Dot

  • 18 January 2017
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I know there is a lot on here about Echo Dot/Sonos intergration but how will that work with a Play 1 when there is no line in or bluetooth? I have Play 1 in several rooms and an Echo Dot and would love to be able to do this. Echo is SO useful that I am thinking of getting rid of the Play 1 speakers and getting bluetooth enabled alternatives. Can't afford the Play 5 by the way!!

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5 replies

They are going to integrate via WiFi, no line-in or Bluetooth needed.
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thats pretty cool! The sooner the better 😃
Any update or release date for this feature?
Any update or release date for this feature?

Assuming it is in private beta, Sonos is not going to give any information or timelines. They have stated it will be released to the general public this year. That's as specific as we will get until a public beta is announced.
In August 2016, Sonos said that the private beta will start later in 2016, see:

But there isn't any way for us to know if that has happened!

Also, another unverified quote on the subject, if it is of any help:
"7.2 Beta has been released which apparently has the back end stuff in it for voice activation/control although there is no evidence of this in the UI.
It's coming."