Using Amp Gen 1 to listen turntable in new Sonos speakers

  • 2 June 2023
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Hi, does anyone know if I can use the Sonos Amp Gen 1 to listed to my vinyl turntable (not sonos) to my new Sonos One speakers?

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4 replies

There is only one generation of the Sonos Amp. The Amp is an update to the previous model of CONNECT:AMP, of which there were two generations, although they weren’t clearly labeled as such at the time. 

If you have an Amp, running S2, the line in on it is expecting a line level, not a phono level input, so if your turntable does not include a pre-amp, you would need to insert one between the turntable and the Amp. Of course, if it has one built in, you’d need to flip the switch to ‘line’, and it should just work.

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Not sure I understood right. I have an amplified turntable and looking to get a Sonos Connect Amp gen 1. Would it work?


Thanks again!

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The Connect:Amp (Gen 1) will only work if you are using the Sonos S1 app. If you are using the S2 app, you need to get a Connect:Amp (Gen 2).

If you are not powering any passive speakers, you might consider a Connect (Gen 2) or Port instead. OR you can use any other Sonos device with line-in. Read more here:

And at no point would any Sonos line in be expecting an amplified signal. Amplified signals are for speakers. You’d want a normal line level signal from the turntable, or the pre-amp connected to the phono level output. Usually, that is from a set of RCA jacks on the turntable.