Use Connect with existing powered sub?

I have a Connect device and I have an existing powered Kef sub.
Can I get the sub to work effectively by plugging these together?

Best answer by John B 20 April 2017, 11:02

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Where are the other frequencies going? Do you mean a Connect, or a Connect::Amp?
Connect only
I have a few play 1 around the house.
I was wondering if I could use this existing sub if I also bought a playbase as I'm thinking of removing my current AV receiver and speaker system to create space.
Then the short answer is no, i am afraid. The only Sub that can be used with the Playbase is the Sonos Sub. I haven't heard the Playbase so I don't know what its built in sub is like.
Thank you John.
Could this connect and existing sub be used with the play 1 speakers or does the same apply to your previous answer?
Same applies I am afraid. But why do you have a Connect? What are you currently using it for?
I had it to connect my existing av and kef speakers and then a CD player also I used it recently as I have Beoplay A9, the sound is very low so the speaker had to have the volume very high to get any value so don't have it connected any more.
Well, the volume shouldn't have been low. Possibilities include:
1. You ran the line out of the Connect into a phono input connection. That would sound rubbish.
2. You never tried setting the output level on the Connect to Fixed rather than variable, Sometimes the "variable" setting can cause a volume clash.

You might try again and if necessary involve Sonos Support.

If you used the AV receiver and speakers with the Connect, and if the receiver has a sub connection, that would be the only way I can think of to involve your existing sub.
Thanks for your help and feedback John, appreciated.
No worries. One further thought - if you were using the line-in on the Connect to play any of your music (e.g. CD player), there is also a level setting for the line in.
Thanks for the support.
I have a connect amp powering 2 bookshelf speakers. The amp will only play a sonos sub not my cerwin vega sub? Thanks
The Connect:Amp has a subwoofer out connection for a third party powered sub.
I connected it. Any thoughts on why im not getting any sound out of the sub?
No. Is there an output level adjustment on the Sub?
I connected it. Any thoughts on why im not getting any sound out of the sub?
Have you tested the sub to make sure it works. PLUG YOUR RCA cable into an input port on your sub and plug into power. On thw kther end of the RCA, just tap with finger on the needle. It you hear thumps, the sub is fine.
Does your sub have multiple inputs (mono, left and right, or LFE). Try plugging into LFE first.
I have a Playbase and my connect amp paired together because i have a DEF TECH supercube 4000. Way better than the Sonos Sub.
Let me know if that works.
Thanks for the effort people. I will try your suggestions