Upgrading - Zone Player ZP90

  • 3 February 2024
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I have currently use a ZP90 Zone Player (13 years old) and Sonos Beam (Gen1) and Sonos 1 Speakers - plus other speakers around the house in ceilings.

I cannot upgrade my Sonos S1 App to S2 - Until I buy a replacement for the ZP90.

What do I replace it with? 

---- Once I upgrade - What benefits do I get from 

(a) Upgrading - and (b) the new Sonos S2 App ?






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Hi @CMM2023, welcome to the Sonos Community!

The benefits of upgrading and using the Sonos S2 app go hand-in-hand. While you can stay on S1, you wont receive any new features, only bug and security fixes, and there’s a lot you get from moving to S2 that improve the overall experience of using Sonos.

Besides newer products we release being S2 only, if you move to S2 you’ll gain features such as support for higher resolution audio in local libraries, as well as SMB v2 and v3 support; Sonos Voice Control, our own voice assistant; improved buffering and grouping speed; Dolby Atmos support with TV audio and certain music services; and the ability to save preset groups. There are likely more features I’ve missed, but those are what come to mind which you gain from upgrading.

Regarding the device you’ll need, you would want to replace your ZP90 with a Sonos Port. Replacing the device should also be a simple wire switch from the ZP90 to the Port, besides the power cable which you’ll need to change.

I hope this information helps!

Many Thanks