Turntable with pre-amp vs Sonos Amp

  • 12 September 2021
  • 6 replies


the outcome with the turntable wirh pre-amp is very low. Could I achieve a higher volume in using the sonos amp?


I have the TEAC TN300 turntable

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6 replies

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What is the turntable currently connected to?

To my sonos 5 with 3.5mm

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Have you tried adjusting the Source Level under the Line-in settings for the Five? Also, set Audio Compression to Uncompressed under System Settings.

I have a better output when I am setting the voltage level to 8,9 or 1. but would I achieve in general a better output in using the sonos amp? Or would the result be very similar?

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I believe the result would be similar. Is the Phono EQ switch on the turntable set to On or Thru?