Turntable dropping out

  • 22 July 2017
  • 3 replies

My issue is I have three Play 1's and one Connect with a turntable/preamp connected to it. My internet/router is plugged into a single Boost and I direct connected my Connect to the Boost. My turntable cuts out though and I have to jack the volume way up. I'm wondering if I have it set up correctly. Might need some walking through. Help!

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3 replies

In line out settings, use the Compressed option, and move the level to 8. That should fix both issues. There is also a way to use airplay option to avoid using Compressed, see this thread for details:
Im having the same issues. I am trying Kumar's suggestion, but I do not see an option listed for 'compressed'. Where is this located? I seem to get this problem when I group my living room with my office (where my turntable and Connect are located). If I keep it only in the Office group, the dropout goes away? Could there be an issue with the Connect being hardwired into the internet? Cheers.
I found the 'Compression' setting in the Sonos App. Its located under Settings/Advanced Settings/Audio Compression. Ill keep an eye on it and see if it helps.