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  • 5 November 2019
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Hi all

I am a complete technical dinosaur and need help!

I want to purchase a turntable for my husband and have worked out that I need one with a built in preamp. That’s as far as I get because I now need to know whether we can use with our current Sonos set up.

Can I plug the audio technica LP120XUSB into a Sonos Zone Player ZP100 in order to play through my Sonos speakers? We have 2 of these but only using one at the moment which works the built in ceiling speaker I think!. In the same space we then have 2 extra Play 1 speakers which pad out the sound a bit, as it’s a large room. 
if anyone has advice (in simple language) I’d be ever so grateful

many thanks!


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15 replies

That will work.  Make sure you set the Line-In Autoplay to On for the ZP100, and set the Autoplay Default to the speakers you want to play as default.  That way, when you lower the needle, the Line-In will automatically play to the speakers without having to change the source. 

Sounds great thank you so much for your reply. Can I just check one thing… Am I right that the sound will only come through the speakers attached to the ZP 100? Is there a way to also get it to come through the play 1 speakers or are they a different system… thx

Sounds great thank you so much for your reply. Can I just check one thing… Am I right that the sound will only come through the speakers attached to the ZP 100? Is there a way to also get it to come through the play 1 speakers or are they a different system… thx


You can send the Line-In source to any and all Sonos devices in your home.  All you need to do is go to the Play:1’s browse screen and choose the Line-In and/or group in any other speakers you wish.  If you wish, you can set the default speakers to the Play:1’s rather than the ZP100, so that when you lower the needle on the turntable, it automatically plays over the Play:1’s.  You can even play the turntable over the Play:1’s, and choose another source to play on the ZP100.

By the way you don’t need to deploy the spare ZP100, if the one driving the ceiling speakers is easily accessible. The turntable could connect to that.

If that ZP is buried away somewhere then you will need to use the second ZP, as a long cable run from the turntable would be a recipe for degradation of the sound quality.

Thank so much both of you. I shall forge ahead and buy the turntable now!! Your help is really appreciated. And yes, the ZP is in a cupboard under the stairs so I’ll grab the extra one!



If you find that the music play via the turntable stutters, that is because in uncompressed mode, the music signal has a lot of data that needs to be wirelessly sent via your home WiFi network. There is a solution if that happens, so check in on this thread for it via a post, if the stuttering happens.

Thanks that’s great advice. I will get in touch if that happens. 

Hello, another quick question on our set up. 
my son is saying that he wants our second ZP100 in his bedroom, so I was wondering could I use a sonos connect (it’s much smaller I think) in order to link the new turntable to the ceiling speaker and the play 1 speakers (the other ZP100 Would remain in the cupboard under the stairs working the ceiling speaker)…

i’m asking about the Sonos connect because a friend has a spare one and I could purchase it relatively cheaply…..

Many thanks again!


Yes a Connect would do the Line-In job just as well.

I cannot see any need for a Connect or anything else in order to achieve what you want. As @jgatie stated earlier, any Sonos device that is part of your system can sekect the linein for the turntable as the music source.

Unless I  have misunderstood  what you want to do. 

As I understand it there are two existing ZP100s in the frame, and both will be out of range. If there’s a cheap Connect to be had...

Thanks. Great. The zp100 in hidden under the stairs Where it’s connected to the Wi-Fi. The turntable is too far away to connect to this. So I need another divine to connect it to the speakers. Thanks again

I have the Sonos port and I had to figure it out myself 

if you have the Sonos amp you need to have a preamp for connecting 

but with the port just use the rca cable that come with it 

then the YouTube videos tell to choose the leve 2 av receiver that didn’t work and didn’t provide enough voice I chose level 10 and in my audio Tecnica turra le i manually put the switch line in who I it is in the back of my LP turntable then my soaring Sonos play loro a God of you don’t do that the volume it will be crappy 

it took me a couple of days to figure it out 

I returned a project III esencial turntable believing that it was defective and even work customer support on the line. They told to return it, then it got this other audio Tecnica turntable which I exhausted  and Maximized the volume in the Sonos app 

and then I discovered in one of the YouTube videos that you have to chose line in in the button of the back because of you change phono the quality of the spoof it is not the same 

it looks confusing but once you figure it out 

yoi can play the turntable music in your sorting system but you need to connect it to a Sonos port 

oí not you need to have a pre am wit your Sonos amp 

so I am getting a play 5 we will how it will sound including the play 5 as off not I just have my surround with the to one the Sonos Beam bar and the sismo subwoofer. 
hope that this help...


If I may, let me correct some misconceptions.

  1. All Sonos line in options expect a line level input. So, the line in on the Sonos PLAY:5, the Sonos Amp, and the Sonos Port all need to have Pre-amped turntable input. Some turntable manufacturers have started including a pre-amp in their turntables, but in order to feed the signal to the Sonos, it needs to be turned on.  You can adjust the line in settings on the Sonos high enough to slightly hear a non pre-amped input, but it will sound, as they say, crappy, weak, not correct, because you’re not getting a substantial enough signal to properly boost.
  2. If you make this adjustment to hear the phono level input, and subsequently add a pre-amp, you’re liable to get an overly loud, and certainly startling amount of volume.
  3. The only difference between the multiple options for analog line in on the three devices is the format of the jack. The Port and Amp provide RCA input jacks, the PLAY:5 requires a 3.5mm input, but again, they must be line level, not phono level. Other than the jack, the analog inputs are the same.

Just to add: A phono pre-amp does more than make the signal louder, it also applies RIAA equalization to compensate for the pre-emphasis needed to deal with the physical limitations of vinyl.  Without equalization the sound will remain “crappy” irrespective of however much the volume is boosted downstream.