Trouble adding Port into existing Sonos ecosystem

  • 5 February 2022
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Hi - really hoping to get some help with setting up a Port as I’ve hit a brick wall…

I have an existing ‘Home Theatre’ setup that includes an Arc and 2 x One SL’s acting as rears - more than happy with this as sound quality is great and the wife can cope with the small footprint!

A few months ago I decided to finally pursue a long held passion for vinyl so following some research purchased a Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB and a Port - expensive option but I don’t really have the space for a Five and thought the Port would keep things tidy.

I had assumed that I would be able to configure the Port to play the audio from the turntable (through the same two One SL’s) but for the life of me I cannot, despite many attempts and lots of internet research, workout how to connect the One SL’s to the Port. I’ve been able to get the Port setup okay and it appears under Products in the app but I cannot see any option to associate it with the One SL’s.

Am I missing something obvious here or have I made an expensive mistake…

Any advice/assistance greatly appreciated!    


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1 reply

Hi.  I don’t think you have really make a mistake in the purchase.  The Port can send the audio from your turntable to any ‘room’ in your Sonos system.  But the One SLs aren’t a ‘room’ while they are part of your HT system.  You can send the audio to your Arc by specifying it as the Autoplay Room in the Port’s settings.

This is really just treating the audio from the Port like every other audio source.

If you set the surrounds to play Full rather than Ambient you will get plenty of sound out of the One SLs.