Sub placement

  • 13 November 2016
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Sub placement

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3 replies

Bought a sub today to give some oomph to a play 3 we have in the kitchen/dining room. At first I was very disappointed with the sound almost to the point where I was going to return it!... until that was I repositioned it in the room. The difference moving it made is unbelievable!! I ended up having to turn sub level right down the improvement in bass was so prounounced!! Posting this as Sonos say it doesn't really matter where you place it?? It certainly did in my room. More than happy with it now. It's a monster!!
Sonos doesn't say that - all they say is you can if you wish place it anywhere in the room because all it needs is a mains socket close to it, no other wiring. Different from saying it will sound the same regardless of where it is placed. The low frequencies that Sub puts out are the sound waves that are most affected by room response that in turn depends a lot on speaker placement. For instance the sound from a Sub in a room corner and one out in the centre of the room will be a day/night difference.

Although Trueplay will take care of this to an extent, it does a better job where placement results in more bass that ideal, not the other way around. Speaker placement still remains important.
Yes this was definitely the case. Sounds fantastic now!