Sonos Port sound has changed and not for the better.

  • 21 October 2022
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With the last update, the sound on my Port has changed.

I use the analog outputs with variable volume control and uses the EQ and loudness and the Port is connected directly to a power amplifier, with large floor speakers.

I don't have an Arc or Beam, but to me it sounds like Port now have the same Enhanced Clarity sound profile !

I am not satisfied with this because I believe a product like the Port should not add a sound signature to the sound, it should play with a complet neutral sound.

I can understand Sonos will have a sound signature on their speakers, but not on the Port.

I think it must be a mistake, that this sound change update, has been sent to the Port.



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9 replies

Have you submitted a diagnostic from your system, and contacted Sonos support?


I’ve not personally seen anything mentioned about changes to the Sonos Port - the usual thing to check is the cables at each end and even try a replacement RCA cable and see if that perhaps sorts things.

The issue you’re hearing could even lie elsewhere downstream with the Amp and/or speakers, particularly as no others appear to have come out the woodwork here, to say that they’re also noticing an issue with their Port, post App-update.

Certainly, there isn’t anything mentioned in the Sonos release notes since the introduction of Dual Mono audio output in the 13.1 App update.

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It has nothing to do with cables or other settings, it is a DSP change which causes the sounds in the vocal range to be emphasized and of course it also changes the sound of the instruments that are in the same frequency range.

The bass has also gained more attack and has become more robust.

If this is a deliberate change, then I think Sonos has used some small bookshelf speakers for the setting of this sound signatur.

Because it is a DSP change, you cannot adjust the problem away with the EQ settings and the change is very large when you also use the Loudness function.

But I know that it might be difficult for the "ordinary" Port user to notice this change.

But again Port should not have a sound signature

To my knowledge, there has been no change to the sound profile of the Port. The only sound profile that has been touched recently was the Home Theater one. 


But again Port should not have a sound signature

It doesn’t; unfortunately Sonos has opened the door to such speculation by their own actions elsewhere.

But try this, that has worked for someone else in a different context - power down the Port and reboot it and see if this solves your problem as well!

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Did you call Sonos about this?

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I have many years of professional technical background within Pro Audio sound and products, so of course I have tried all options with resetting, powerdown etc.

Therefore, I think that it must be a mistake that this "Enhanced Clarity" update has been sent to Port.

And my hope with this post is that the moderator of this forum will forward my input to the right people in the development departement.

Please call Sonos. If it is a mistake by Sonos then you appear to be the only user at the moment with sufficient audio expertise and exceptional hearing to have noticed the change.

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I just updated my Port to version 14.9.1, now the sound signature has changed again, it now plays with a not so powerful “Enhanced Clarity sound”