Sonos Port Connect to Directv Genie Mini or Genie 2

I would like to listen to TV audio through my Sonos Port and other 4 Sonos Amps.  I currently have a surround sound receiver playing TV audio and the receiver is connected to the Sonos port.  I was told by Best Buy that the only way to do this is use a sonos sound bar but that defeats the purpose of the receiver / surround sound system.  In a perfect world I would be able to watch a television channel (perhaps a football game) on Directv and hear the sound throughout all of the Sonos amps in my home.


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Hi @kgagliano 

Port is not designed for TV audio - because it expects an audio-only source, it makes no attempt to stay in sync with your TV picture. In addition, Sonos products are not designed to work in concert with third-party Home Theatre setups.

The best way to achieve what you describe is to connect one of your Amps with an HDMI cable to your TV’s HDMI-ARC port. That Amp will be in sync with your TV, and the feed can be played to other Sonos rooms, but please note that synchronisation will be lost as the feed is shared over the network - this is not something that can be done immediately, and without buffering. If you are unable to hear the Amp that’s connected to the TV in the other rooms, the audio delay will not be an issue. If you can hear that Amp and another at the same time, it will likely sound like an echo. You would not be able to include your third-party receiver in this setup.

Another option would be to replace the Port and third-party receiver with a new Amp or a Sonos soundbar like Arc, as suggested by the BestBuy employee, who, for the record, was not wrong.

I hope this helps.

Would this also work?…

I have a second TV on DirecTV in my master bedroom.  Let’s say I add a Sonos sound bar, the arc or beam, to this TV, connect to the hdmi 2 arc port, would I then be able to play that tv sound throughout my other rooms connected with the Sonos amps?

Any ‘grouped’ rooms would be delayed. You can always share any input, it’s just any digital input (low latency) will be delayed when played in any other grouped room.