Sonos Port and Turntable

  • 31 January 2023
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So  I recently upgraded my old connect to a Sonos Port. The port is connected to my receive and passive 5 speaker system for home theater. I however play music through it plus zone 2 are outdoor speakers. 

I’ve been toying with the idea of a turntable and would prefer to connect it to the existing port. At least until I get a new 5 (gen 1 currently) but I’m not doin that until I see the Optimo. 

I assume no issues with this but I could just plug the Line in to the port but still use it with the speakers? Not clear if it can run line in turntable (amp obviously included with turntable) and still power the receiver aspect?


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2 replies

Line-In is just a music source on the network that can be played through any combination of players, including the PORT that hosts the Line-In. Line-Out plays from the network -- PORT’s Line-In is just another network source that can be selected.

Note that there is a 75ms time delay between Line-In and output from a player. PORT’s Line-Out is just another player.

As far as your receiver is concerned, PORT is a routine stereo analog source. If your receiver supports playing PORT through Zone2 you’ll be fine.

Thanks what I thought but wanted to confirm. Semi-debating just going with a 5 + turntable now anyway but had thought initially to use my port since it’s there. 

Trying to figure out turntable to get though is fun. Early 80s kid and I can remember playing Fleetwood Mac and Springsteen and what not on my parents turntable but obviously have not had one in years. Lot of recommendations out there for Debut Carbon Evo, Orbit special among quite a few others. 

I’ve got a young daughter and my wife and I love listening to music and we thought it would be cool to show her vinyls down the road (besides the fact we both would enjoy it.)