Sonos Port 12V Trigger

  • 30 October 2019
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Hi there - does anybody know how the 12V trigger logic works on the Port i.e. once it outputs audio trigger on - when no audio trigger off - any delays etc.

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28 replies

I made a simple device using ESP32 to control my Amp from the 12v trigger on the Sonos Port.

Yes if your amp has a 12v trigger input it will do this but…… if your amp is like my Denon amp and does NOT have this input then the device I mention above will do the trick. Effectively you leave the amp switched on the and the trigger effectively switches on the mains supply. When you stop the music the relay opens after 2 mins and switches of the mains supply and thereby the amp. Works perfectly for me  

So if I used the Audiophonics 12v device, the only way my AVR would turn on is from the use of the port, so basically my Apple TV wouldn’t be able to turn it on any longer like it currently does. 

I intend to use one of these to power my amp on/off using the 12V trigger from the port. 

AUDIOPHONICS Trigger 12V 230V Slave Power Supply Device


Assume this will work and the amp will power off 2 mins after music stops as per reply above?

Hi, I’ve ordered this ‘AUDIOPHONICS Trigger 12V 230V Slave Power Supply Device’, but only now (when already received the device) I’ve noticed, that my Marantz uses 2 pins AC IN cable and socked (C17/C18). While AUDIOPHONICS devices comes with C13/C14 plugs. I was trying to connect some other 3pins cable to AUDIOPHONICS and then connect it to Marantz, but seems no power comes in via it… Maybe there is some solution for this? Thanks.